Dubai’s Theatre of Digital Art holds an international exhibition and NFT sales
    01 Dec 2021

    The Theatre of Digital Art and Generative Gallery has organized an exhibition of immersive digital art of seven modern artists around the world in Dubai. The event, held till February 2022, is featured by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) exposition and sales. In Dubai, the Theatre of Digital Art (ToDA) and Generative Gallery is organizing a multi-dimensional…

    Morgan Stanley increases GBTC investment, but cheaper ETFs could compete

    Morgan Stanley continues to increase its exposure to Bitcoin and has bought a considerable amount of GBTC shares for totals of about $303 million. However, the $36 billion trust feels the push from cheaper ETFs. The FT found GBTC trades at a 15% discount on the value of its underlying assets. Banking giant Morgan Stanley…

    Binance CEO buys his home in Dubai, hinting where Binance’s headquarters will be
    01 Dec 2021

    The CEO and founder of Binance, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, recently revealed he bought his first home last month in Dubai, a city he describes as “very pro-crypto.” He also confirmed that Binance has decided on a location for its global headquarters. New property in Dubai may have hinted where Binance’s headquarters will be located. Zhao…