Dogecoin surges 25% after Musk tweets that Tesla adopts payments in DOGE
    16 Jan 2022

    Dogecoin soared 25% and briefly topped the $0.2 price range following Tesla’s announcement that it would begin accepting the meme coin. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, tweeted that the automaker would finally begin accepting DOGE, a move that the meme coin community had greatly anticipated. Musk, a big proponent of Doge, had teased this adoption numerous…

    NEAR protocol raises $150 million to become a Web3 development hub
    16 Jan 2022

    “High-performance blockchain” NEAR Protocol has raised $150 million in its latest funding round led by Three Arrows Capital. The NEAR token has surged on the news, gaining 6.6% in the following hours. NEAR Protocol announced Thursday that it has successfully closed a $150 million funding round to accelerate Web3 adoption. Su Zhu and Kyle Davies’…

    NFT-2022: What to expect from a brand-new industry? Part 1
    16 Jan 2022

    NFT is a huge branch of the blockchain economy that essentially formed before our eyes in 2021. And while few people knew what “non-fungible tokens” even were a year ago, by the end of the year, the most prominent corporations were already integrating NFT solutions into their products, and the market volume amounted to tens…