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Sharara ( شرارة means spark in Arabic) is a unique organization committed to spark new ideas and concepts for enriching society by delivering superior consultancy and investment services in crypto assets and blockchain industry projects.

We strive to be a driving force for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies’ mass adoption in the Middle East and beyond while focusing on promoting healthy environment ridden of scams and unethical business practices with strong emphasis on transparency and good faith.  Sharara, empowered with a strong team of researchers, advisors, and traders, is ready to work with both government and private organizations to provide substantial reports, market analytics and risk mitigation advisories to establish the most favorable and vigorous ecosystem in the United Arab Emirates and in the GCC for adoption and implementation of the financial technologies of the future.

Sharara is also committed to developing and maintaining long-standing relationships with its clients, both individual and institutional, based on mutual trust by providing them with the exceptional financial thinking, products, and returns.


Sharara’s vision is to be the primary, trusted partner for enhancement and enrichment of the society with blockchain technologies.


We put our clients’ interests at the heart of the business.  We adhere to the highest standards of truthfulness, integrity, and trustworthiness.  We maintain confidentiality of all our clients’ information and circumstances.  We tell clients the truth and we are ready to defend our opinions.  We provide only those services for which Sharara is competent and that provide full value for the client.

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