Bezoge coin sponsors the 12th Dubai Globe Soccer Awards

    30 Dec 2021

    Bezoge, the community-run, decentralized coin boasting its own play-to-earn GameFi metaverse, sponsored the 12th edition of the Dubai Globe Soccer Awards, the premier football event celebrating the world-leading soccer stars, on December 27.

    Held annually in Dubai with a TV audience estimated at over 500 million, the Globe Soccer Awards bestow champion footballing heroes heralded as the world’s very best players.

    Mike Ourabah, director of corporate development of Bezoge and its affiliated “Legends of Bezogia” – a blockchain-based MMO game – praised the organizers of the Globe Soccer Awards for their far-sighted vision in partnering with Bezoge.

    “We at Bezoge are privileged to back the world’s leading football event for giving much-deserved recognition to the ultimate in top-flight soccer talent,” he said. “As a recently-launched and highly-successful meme coin and game, we applaud all those with the aptitude, attitude, and skill to achieve the ultimate goal: professional success on an international scale.”

    Oskar Kowalski, the founder of The Global Incubator, which negotiated the Bezoge sponsorship deal, congratulated both parties on the pact – and the pivotal position of crypto-based payment strategies and gamification of professional, stable, and trendy digital assets as the future.

    “More headline-grabbing deals of this stature will emerge as the world realizes the tremendous potential of crypto to transform all transactional aspects of our daily lives,” added Kowalski.

    The Global Incubator draws upon heavyweight Fortune 500 boardroom expertise to assess and nurture early-stage companies with explosive growth potential. The former EVP of Sony, George Chien, and Stan Gregor, the former Head of Wells Fargo Wealth Management and Cantor Fitzgerald Wealth Partners, are among its c-suite experts.

    Tommaso Bendoni, CEO of the Global Soccer Awards, said teaming up with Bezoge was a natural fit, given the bleeding-edge technology underpinning the coin and game and its affinity with sophisticated training, strategy, and tactics global soccer stars draw upon.

    “As a keen observer of the cryptocurrency space, I was in awe of Bezoge and its ability to capture not just mass investor interest as a digital asset but its forward-thinking launch of a clever game built specifically for the Metaverse,” he claimed.

    From an initial 100 quadrillion total token supply and 50 quadrillion coins circulating at launch in May of 2021, Bezoge has just over 44 quadrillions of altcoins in circulation today. Investors trade an average daily volume of $5 million in the meme currency, while the fully diluted market capitalization stands at $706 million with 25,000 plus current holders. The burn rate stands at one percent, causing the deflationary effect to reduce the overall supply in circulation constantly.

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