BitcoinDeFi announces its SocialFi platform at World Blockchain Summit Dubai 2021

    08 Nov 2021

    BitcoinDeFi (BTCDF) has become one of the most popular crypto projects, which takes place on exhibition at the 19th World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, proposing for cooperation and development policies received the consensus of organizations and investment funds in the field of cryptocurrencies. In the coming time, the BTCDF investment community awaits to benefit soon from these strategic partnerships.

    Evaluated by the expert panel as a potential startup project, the representative of BTCDEFI GLOBAL FZCO – the founding company of BitcoinDeFi (BTCDF) gave an official speech, introducing the world’s first-ever innovative DeFi model built on Layer-2 of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

    In addition to promoting the model and upcoming milestones, the representative of this cryptocurrency project from Dubai provided advice on the right BTCDF investment route with the short, medium, and long-term needs of investors.

    Abdal-Qadir, an investor who attended the event, noted: “Trading experience, capital allocation method, strategy to follow up the market developments are all thoroughly shared by the advisors. It is why after leaving BitcoinDeFi’s consulting desk, I immediately invited more of my colleagues to find out more about this new crypto model.”

    The combination of three DeFi Layers – P2P Mutual Financial Contribution, Node Supply & Operation Mechanisms, Ecosystem of DeFi Services – has provided a self-growth formula for liquidity formation of BTCDF. An active community of mutual financial contributions is guaranteed equal benefits by the model mechanisms and provided with leverage from complex DeFi services. It is from here that the BTCDF hoarding community has the opportunity to increase its wealth through various forms of profitable farming.

    In November 2021, BitcoinDeFi will launch its SocialFi platform as the first-ever platform that helps people make friends to earn a profit, called “NodNet.”

    If the value of GameFi is expressed through the ‘play-to-earn’ mode, making global players earn profit by playing games, then the value of SocialFi lies in the interaction between members, ‘Make-friend-to-earn’ – inviting new participants into a SocialFi network to receive unlimited profits.

    Instead of only being able to introduce people users already know to join through word of mouth as before, BitcoinDeFi’s SocialFi helps old users to passively receive new users, thereby optimizing the benefit of contributions from peer-to-peer financial reciprocity.

    On the other hand, new users can also easily track and select potential old users according to the following criteria: Size of Node; Cashback level; DeFi Pool index; etc. Once users accumulate enough experience stats, they themselves will be able to become the leading Nodes and benefit from the cash flow of rookies.

    World Blockchain Summit is a bridge for fledgling cryptocurrency projects to have access to Blockchain experts, billionaire investors, and leading financial institutions in the world. The fact that crypto projects know how to take advantage of this playground will actively accelerate the development of each project, as well as contribute to the flourishing of the cryptocurrency ecosystem around the world.

    Gulf CryptoInsight, as the event’s media partner, publishes essential updates from the summit.

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