NFT-2022: What to expect from a brand-new industry? Part 1
    16 Jan 2022

    NFT is a huge branch of the blockchain economy that essentially formed before our eyes in 2021. And while few people knew what “non-fungible tokens” even were a year ago, by the end of the year, the most prominent corporations were already integrating NFT solutions into their products, and the market volume amounted to tens…

    Bitcoin: Falling To Justify Its Value
    15 Jan 2022

    The start-of-the-year drop in cryptocurrency prices is due to various reasons (which we will go through). Still, with a cool head, you may recognize that crypto, through complex mechanisms of self-regulation, rejects attempts to pump it up with fiat money. You can even say that cryptocurrencies want to maintain their role as money and not…

    Crypto Trends Weekly Jan. 1 – 7
    10 Jan 2022

    Breaking crypto news from the last week (Jan. 1 – 7, 2022):   Jan. 1: In India, the director-general GST Intelligence (DGGI) searched around half a dozen offices of cryptocurrency service providers following the 700 million rupees tax evasion from cryptocurrency trade. A local media report has confirmed that major Indian cryptocurrency service providers are…

    DCJPY: Creating a Japanese Cryptocurrency
    10 Jan 2022

    Japan’s largest banks are preparing to start testing the digital yen, created by an independent consortium of developers. If the project were to succeed, Japan would become the first to issue a “real” nationwide cryptocurrency “on a voluntary basis.” In Japan, a consortium of the country’s 74 largest companies announced the release and subsequent trials…

    Goldman Sachs predicts Bitcoin could reach $100,000 and rival gold as store of value
    09 Jan 2022

    Bitcoin will take market share away from gold in 2022 as digital assets become more widely adopted, Zach Pandl, the co-head of global foreign exchange, rates, and emerging market strategy for Goldman Sachs, said in a research note to clients. “We think that Bitcoin’s market share will most likely rise over time as a byproduct…

    Zcash: 5 years prior, 5 years ahead
    09 Jan 2022

    The Electric Coin Company (ECC) has been working on Zcash cryptocurrency for five years and has recently presented a new project roadmap. It contains a plan for the transition from the currently used Proof-of-Work algorithm to Proof-of-Stake, as well as a lot of other interesting developments.   A short while ago, on October 28, 2021,…