The Merge is getting closer: Can the Ethereum 2.0 opponents succeed?
    14 Aug 2022

    Ethereum token’s price rises as it is moving closer to long-awaited the Merge upgrade. Meanwhile, part of the community led by the prominent miner intends to resist the upcoming shift to ETH 2.0 and create a new, parallel network and cryptocurrency ETHW to preserve the existing Proof-of-Work method and ETH mining. However, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik…

    Bitcoin mining costs drop to $13,000 might reverse its falling profitability

    The cost of mining one Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen to 10-month lows as mining hardware becomes more efficient, and difficulty has dropped 6.7% since its May peak. It could help to reverse the falling profitability trend while lowering power demands on the network. JPMorgan strategists led by Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, in a note to clients seen…

    Dubai’s Alawad Fund announces investment in MetaBitcoin (MBTC)
    13 Jul 2022

    Alawad Fund selected MetaBitcoin (MBTC), which implements all Bitcoin ecosystems identically within the metaverse ecosystem, as its first investment destination. Jointly with prominent partners, Alawad Fund plans to invest in promising blockchain projects, virtual-asset startups, cryptocurrency exchanges, and bitcoin mining. On March 26, Alawad Fund was launched in Dubai, the city attracting global attention as…

    Iran cuts off electricity to crypto miners to save energy for the summer period
    21 Jun 2022

    Iran’s Ministry of Energy has decided to cut down the supply of electricity given to the authorized crypto mines units of the country to ensure the enough power supply for the citizenry. This decision will be implemented on June 22, Tehran Times reported. A spokesman for the Iranian Energy Ministry, Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi, said that…

    As Ethereum mining is going away, miners are not happy, Bloomberg reports
    20 Jun 2022

    The shift from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) will cut power consumption sharply – and leave some expensive technology searching for new uses, write Olga Kharif and David Pan on Bloomberg. The Ethereum mining community is a diverse bunch, geographically and demographically. There’s a 28-year-old translator in Ukraine, running computing hardware on his balcony to…

    Oman invests in US firm to use natural gas flaring for crypto mining
    05 Jun 2022

    Oman’s sovereign wealth fund has acquired a $350 million stake in Crusoe Energy Systems – a US company that helps fossil fuel producers reduce gas flaring by using stranded flared gas to power crypto mining. According to Crusoe’s CEO, the first pilot project could be launched by the end of this year. According to Bloomberg,…