US exploring ways to guarantee the country’s 18T of bank deposits: Report

    The current deposit insurance cap under the FDIC is $250,000, but recent banking collapses have seen calls to increase that amount. U.S. officials are reportedly studying ways to expand the current scope of deposit insurance that would guarantee all U.S. bank deposits should the current banking crisis worsen. The current deposit insurance cap under the…

    Tidal Finance launches DeFi Insurance platform on Polygon

    Tidal Finance, an insurance offering aimed at the growing decentralized finance (DeFi) space, announced Tuesday the launch of its mainnet and token reward system for users providing capital to its reserve pools. The platform goes live on Ethereum layer 2 network Polygon, with a subscription-based insurance model, including StaFi, Marlin, EasyFi, Xend Finance, and bZx….