Mastercard: Crypto awareness grows globally, but more trust is needed
    16 Aug 2022

    Worldwide 2022 New Payments Index consumer polling by Mastercard revealed that crypto payments are rising in popularity worldwide, as 93% of those surveyed have heard of cryptocurrency, and 41% have done at least one crypto-related activity in the past year. However, consumers are still looking for more stability within the industry. Mastercard’s 2022 Global New…

    Despite bear market, crypto fundraising hits $30 billion in H1 2022, topping all of 2021
    09 Aug 2022

    Messari’s latest report indicates that the market pullback in the year’s first half did not shake investors’ confidence in the growing crypto industry. As per the report, the overall amount of money raised in the first six months already exceeds the $30.2 billion that was raised in 1313 rounds throughout the entire year of 2021….

    Nigeria and the UAE are the world’s most crypto-curious countries – CoinGecko study

    Nigeria and the UAE remain the most cryptocurrency-obsessed markets, CoinGecko’s new study said based on Google Trends search data. Analysts suggest that top-list countries seem more interested in buying the dip, reflecting their long-term outlook for cryptocurrencies. CoinGecko, the leading cryptocurrency tracker, has compiled a ranking of countries by interest concerning digital currencies via Google…

    Nomad hacked for $190 million, amid cross-chain bridges lost $2 billion in 2022

    US crypto firm Nomad has suffered a $190 million hack, blockchain analytics reported on August 3. Experts estimate the funds have been stolen from cross-chain bridges to $2 billion so far in 2022. Nomad said on an official Twitter account that it was “aware of the incident” and was currently investigating without giving further details….

    Users spent $2.7 billion ETH on NFT minting in H1 2022

    Market participants spent 963,227 ETH, or about 2.7 billion, on NFT minting on the Ethereum blockchain during the first half of 2022. Over 1 million unique wallet addresses were involved in the minting process, signaling that NFT market activity remained strong. According to a new report by Nansen, about half (50.7%) of the ETH raised…

    Thousands of Solana wallets are targeted by the multi-million dollar hack

    The Solana ecosystem suffered the multimillion-dollar hack, with users reporting that their funds have been drained silently from major internet-connected “hot” wallets, including Phantom, Slope, and TrustWallet. So far, at least 8,000 wallets have been affected, with about $8 million lost, but the source of the attack remains unknown. On August 3 night, an unknown…