Solv Protocol: The Middle East Is a Remarkable Place to Build DeFi platforms

    With the emergence of decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs that broadly represent financial ownership and rights, often dubbed “financial NFTs,” are showcasing exciting use cases of NFTs the space has never seen. Solv Protocol, a DeFi startup, is a platform for creating, managing, and trading financial NFTs, or Vouchers. “The most pressing problem in the emerging…

    $100 million Cronos Accelerator Program to help ecosystem developing
    08 Jun 2022

    Cronos, the DeFi and Web3 gaming-focused blockchain network by, has launched the Cronos Accelerator Program aiming to help developers and builders accelerate the ecosystem’s growth. The Cronos Accelerator Program is funded by the $100 million Cronos Labs Ecosystem Fund to provide investments and guidance to early-stage blockchain projects. The Cronos Accelerator Program is funded…

    Everdome CEO tells why he is on a larger-than-life quest
    28 May 2022

    As the metaverse disrupts the existing technological landscape, Rob Gryn, CEO of Dubai-based startup Everdome, told Gulf Business how Everdome and Metahero are on a journey to create something the world has not seen yet. Mark Zuckerberg once said, “Today, I think we look at the internet. But in the future, you are going to…

    Andreessen Horowitz launches $4.5 billion crypto fund despite the market downturn
    26 May 2022

    Major venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) has unveiled the largest-ever $4.5 billion crypto fund despite the ongoing downturn in the global financial markets. Focused on crypto and Web3, the new Crypto Fund IV is double the size of its previous fund, launched in 2021. The new fund is double the size of the last…

    India’s Eros Investments partners with Dubai’s virtual assets regulator
    23 May 2022

    Eros Investments, India’s investment company, has partnered with Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA). It plans to fund and support more than media, art, and entertainment 100 startups by 2025. Eros Investments, run by India’s Lulla family, plans to develop Web3 and blockchain businesses out of Dubai as part of a partnership deal to operate…

    Arab-developed Bitcoin trading bot set to revolutionize the way people invest

    AYMBot, a fully-automated, algorithmic, Bitcoin-trading bot developed in Jordan, aims to revolutionize the way people generate wealth from cryptocurrency, according to its creator. AYMBot was designed to tackle the main issues and challenges associated with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading, including volatility and accessibility, CEO Ahmad Alsharqatli told Arab News. “The problem with crypto, that people…