Immutable’s Gods Unchained launches on Epic Games Store
    22 Jun 2023

    The trading card game, which features NFT cards, will now be available to Epic Games’ 230 million customers. Immutable Games’ Web3 trading card game Gods Unchained is now listed on the Epic Games Store and is available to its 230 million customers, according to a June 21 announcement. Gods Unchained is a collectible trading card game…

    Utility and long-term profits top reasons for NFT purchases: CoinGecko study
    11 Apr 2023

    People purchase NFTs for various reasons, but according to a new survey from CoinGecko, the majority buy them for utility and long-term profits. Utility and long-term profits have been ranked as the top reasons for buying nonfungible tokens (NFTs), according to a survey conducted by CoinGecko and Blockchain Research Lab. An April 10 CoinGecko report found most considered how…

    Galaxy tips Bitcoin NFT market to hit $4.5B by 2025
    04 Mar 2023

    Galaxy’s estimation was based on the rapid uptick of interest in Bitcoin NFTs, currency market infrastructure, and the potential to take some market-share away from Ethereum. In a “base case” scenario, Galaxy Digital’s research unit has tipped the burgeoning Bitcoin nonfungible token (NFT) market to hit a $4.5 billion market cap by March 2025. Bitcoin…

    Challenges of data accessibility in the NFT market
    28 Feb 2023

    Lack of data accessibility is a key challenge for the NFT sector. Here is how a data analysis tool is bringing transparency and liquidity to the market. Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have grown into a distinct sector within the blockchain industry, but they still have to address several challenges before aiming for mass adoption. One of the…

    ‘It would be absurd’ for a US court to rule private NFTs as securities: Lawyer
    23 Feb 2023

    The comments from the hosts of lawyers comes as Judge Victor Marreo said that Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot Moments NFT may constitute a security. Blockchain Association’s chief legal officer says “it would be absurd” for a United States court to rule that digital assets on private blockchains are securities, following a federal judge’s decision…

    France’s top modern art museum to display CryptoPunks, Autoglyphs NFTs
    12 Feb 2023

    A new exhibition targeting the intersection of art and blockchain will open this spring at the Centre Pompidou, home of the first collection of modern art in Europe. Paris’s leading contemporary art museum, the Centre Pompidou announced on Feb. 10 an upcoming permanent exhibition targeting the intersection between art and the blockchain represented by nonfungible tokens…