Nomad hacked for $190 million, amid cross-chain bridges lost $2 billion in 2022

    US crypto firm Nomad has suffered a $190 million hack, blockchain analytics reported on August 3. Experts estimate the funds have been stolen from cross-chain bridges to $2 billion so far in 2022. Nomad said on an official Twitter account that it was “aware of the incident” and was currently investigating without giving further details….

    Variant launches two new venture funds with $450 million to invest in Web3
    30 Jul 2022

    Crypto venture investment firm Variant has raised $450 million across two new funds targeting the Web3 and decentralized finance market, which include $300 million for a so-called opportunity fund and $150 million to invest in nascent startups. According to Thursday’s announcement, the company raised $300 million for a so-called opportunity fund as well as a…

    Polygon rolls out zkEVM, a new scaling solution to cut Ethereum fees
    25 Jul 2022

    Web3 infrastructure provider Polygon announced the launch of Polygon zkEVM (zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine), which is set to become the first Ethereum-compatible scaling solution that uses the so-called “zero-knowledge proofs.” Thus, Polygon zkEVM aims to outpace Visa’s transaction throughput. Polygon first teased zkEVM at EthCC Paris in July 2021 and says it is designed to…

    DeFi’s downturn deepens, but protocols with revenue could thrive

    The majority of the top 100 DeFi tokens traded in green, with many registering double-digit gains over the past week, resumes Prashant Jha in Finance Redefined digest on Cointeleptaph. This past week, the DeFi ecosystem saw several new developments related to the DeFi lending crisis as Celsius filed for bankruptcy. At a time when bears…

    SushiSwap launches crosschain DEX across seven major chains
    23 Jul 2022

    On July 21, SushiSwap launched its crosschain DEX (decentralized exchange) XSwap. The protocol called the new feature the “first-ever” automated market maker (AMM) exchange enabling cross-chain swaps. SushiSwap (SUSHI) is trying to reverse its declining market share by enabling cross-chain swaps across seven major blockchains. According to an official blog post, XSwap allows traders to…

    Coinbase is losing market leadership to Uniswap and Binance

    Coinbase is on the verge of losing its dominance in the crypto market. Uniswap, one of the biggest decentralized exchanges, is almost surpassing Coinbase’s trading volume, as the recent data shows. Meanwhile, Binance has overtaken Coinbase in Bitcoin balances. According to a report by Kaiko, the market share of trading volumes for Uniswap against Coinbase…