Crypto Trends Weekly 07 – 13 Aug
    15 Aug 2021

    Breaking crypto news from the last week (07 – 13 Aug.2021): 07 Aug.: MakersPlace, one of the original NFT marketplaces, has announced a $30 million Series A round of venture financing on Aug 4, led by Bessemer Venture Partners and Pantera Capital. It also includes a number of backers from the venture arm of Coinbase…

    Crypto entrepreneur in his 16 launches Y Coin with the more democratic governance
    10 Aug 2021

    Meet Youssof Altoukhi, a very young entrepreneur who has launched his own coin ‘Y Coin,’ intending to set a template on how to democratize decision-making when launching a project or token. Grew up in London, Youssof, in his 16, has had a surprising various entrepreneur practice. His first move into business involved selling products to…

    Crypto Trends Weekly 31 July – 06 Aug.
    10 Aug 2021

    Breaking crypto news from the last week (31 July – 06 August 2021): 31 July: US officials hire a cryptocurrency firm to hold Bitcoin it’s seizing. Following a rise in crypto-related crimes, federal law enforcement is seizing a lot of crypto assets. Now the US government has hired a cryptocurrency firm to hold all its…

    Polish police find Bitcoin mining rig inside the police station
    04 Aug 2021

    Polish Bitcoin miners took the idea of hiding in plain sight to a new level when they placed the rack with operating crypto machines inside police headquarters. As local media reported, Polish police have found a crypto-mining rig within its own police station. Warsaw police told the local news outlet Gazeta Wyborcza it has discovered…

    Crypto Trends Weekly 24 – 30 July
    03 Aug 2021

    Breaking crypto news from the last week (24 – 30 July 2021): 24 July: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sees Bitcoin as a big part of Twitter’s future and forecasts its integration into Twitter services and new features, including Twitter Tip Jar and Super Follows. 25 July: In various experts’ opinions, Bitcoin has proven to be…

    Ex-poker players fund raises $130 million for DeFi bets
    02 Aug 2021

    Led by former professional poker players, the Ascensive Assets investment firm has raised a $130 million fund to focus on the decentralized finance (DeFi). That substantially exceeds Ascensive’s first fundraising of $24 million in 2019, backed by Polkaswap, Benqi, Yield Guild Games, and JennyDAO. By the words of Ascensive Assets partner Oliver Blakey, Investors in…