Binance launches anti-scam campaign after Hong Kong pilot run
    04 Mar 2023

    The new campaign features a withdrawal warning message that attempts to prevent users from sending their crypto to scammers. Binance, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, is launching a campaign to prevent scams by issuing targeted alerts to potential victims, according to a March 3 blog post from the company. The project, called the “Joint Anti-Scam Campaign,”…

    Polygon launches decentralized ID product powered by ZK proofs
    02 Mar 2023

    The public launch of Polygon ID comes 12 months after it was first launched in a closed-environment to a select group of builders. Polygon, a layer-2 scaling protocol for Ethereum, has launched a zero-knowledge decentralized identity solutionto the public nearly a year after announcing its development. The Polygon ID service uses zero-knowledge proofs (ZK proofs)…

    BitFlyer founder seeks to reinstate self as CEO, leading firm to IPO: Report
    27 Feb 2023

    Despite stepping down as CEO for three years, Yuzo continued to have a significant influence on the company being the firm’s largest stakeholder. Yuzo Kano, the co-founder of Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer, is seeking to reinstate himself as CEO in a shareholders meeting next month, in an apparent bid to reinvigorate what he claims is…

    Pharma companies team up with DeSci to accelerate scientific research
    26 Feb 2023

    Pfizer is now the first big pharma to participate in a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Having emerged as a movement in the research community, Decentralized Science (DeSci) initiatives are progressing at a pace even big pharma cannot ignore. In fact, Pfizer is now the first pharmaceutical to vote on decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) proposals of…

    Coinbase launches its own layer-2 network for building decentralized apps
    24 Feb 2023

    The network, known as Base, is designed to be a low-cost, secure, developer-friendly environment that Coinbase said will serve as a bridge to bring users into the crypto economy. On Feb 23, crypto exchange Coinbase announced the launch of Base — an Ethereum layer-2 network. The company claimed that this new network will offer a low-cost, secure,…

    Chinese blockchain project aims to be the ‘SWIFT’ of stablecoins and CBDCs
    24 Jan 2023

    A SWIFT-style system for bank-issued and regulated digital currencies was launched by a firm with a tenure building China’s national blockchain project. A Hong Kong-based blockchain company has launched a digital payments system aimed at bridging the gap between stablecoins and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Red Date Technology, the blockchain infrastructure firm which is…