Crypto ‘relief rally’ may be just beginning with sellers exhausted
    02 Jul 2024

    The crypto markets could be set for a “relief rally” after a market rollercoaster in June, with some analysts suggesting selling pressure on exchanges has tapered off. “Looking at July’s outlook, there is major reason to be optimistic after so much small trader capitulation,” crypto intelligence platform Santiment posted to X on July 2. It added negative…

    Vitalik Buterin proposes faster Ethereum trades with single-slot finality
    02 Jul 2024

    Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is looking to speed up transactions on the Ethereum network by using tools that would potentially cut layer-1 (L1) confirmations from a few seconds to milliseconds. Buterin published a blog post on June 30 titled “Epochs and slots all the way down: ways to give Ethereum users faster transaction confirmation times.” In the article, he…

    Aptos seeks Aave community support for non-EVM integration
    02 Jul 2024

    The Aptos Foundation has introduced a governance proposal that could broaden its blockchain capabilities. According to a July 1 temperature check proposal, the foundation wants the Aave community’s input on introducing Aave Protocol v3 onto the Aptos mainnet. If the proposal moves forward and is approved, the deployment would mark the first time Aave’s open-source liquidity protocol…