What is a block reward
    25 Feb 2024

    Significance of a block reward in cryptocurrency A block reward is a crucial component that supports the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies and has great symbolic and functional importance.  Fundamentally, a block reward is the payment made to crypto miners for adding authorized transactions to the network. This process, known as mining, involves completing challenging mathematical puzzles,…

    Newly released Satoshi emails reveal a treasure trove of early Bitcoin lore
    24 Feb 2024

    A litany of insights into the early days of cryptocurrency were recently revealed when Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s earliest collaborator, Martti Malmi, published 120 pages of email correspondences between the two on GitHub on Feb. 23. My email correspondence with Satoshi in 2009-2011: https://t.co/jyoX8gXckp — Martti Malmi (@marttimalmi) February 23, 2024 The true identity of Nakamoto remains…

    New crypto scam drains users’ wallets without transaction approval
    24 Feb 2024

    A new scam circulating on Telegram allows the attacker to drain a victim’s crypto wallet without the victim needing to confirm a transaction, according to user reports and blockchain data. The scam only works on tokens that comply with the ERC-2612 token standard, which allows for “gas-less” transfers or transfers by a wallet that does…

    Web3 game Pixels now valued at $2.7B after migration to Ronin
    23 Feb 2024

    Pixel, one of the largest Web3 games by daily active user count, has approached a valuation of $3 billion shortly after its token listing on cryptocurrency exchange Binance. At the time of publication, the PIXEL token is currently trading at $0.5385, representing a gain of 1,246% from its listing price of $0.04 on Binance on Feb. 19….

    Empirical analysis identifies blockchain as highest performing information security startup investment
    23 Feb 2024

    A team of Swiss researchers, under grant from Switzerland’s Cyber-Defence Campus, recently published an empirical study showing blockchain as the top performer among information security startup investments. The study, titled “Measuring the performance of investments in information security startups: An empirical analysis by cybersecurity sectors using Crunchbase data,” identifies and ranks 19 information security startup sectors ranging…

    StarkWare changes STRK token unlock schedule following controversy
    23 Feb 2024

    StarkWare has amended its Starknet (STRK) token unlock schedule following concerns that the original plan would allow the network’s investors to dump on retail Starknet users. The changes will see a “more gradual” token unlock schedule for its early contributors and investors, implementing smaller, periodic token drops over three years instead of a larger drop…