‘Crypto FUD’ — Industry outraged as White House report slams crypto
    22 Mar 2023

    The report included 35 pages seemingly aimed at debunking the merits of crypto assets. Crypto executives have expressed irritation over the latest White House economic report — which notably features an entire chapter dedicated to casting doubts on the merit of digital assets. The Economic Report of the President, released March 20, marks the first time the…

    Speculators flock to Arbitrum IOU tokens ahead of this week’s ARB airdrop
    22 Mar 2023

    Crypto exchanges looking to capitalize off the Arbitrum airdrop fever have launched IOU and derivatives for ARB, an early sign of the excitement that will unfold on March 23. Developers from the Arbitrum Foundation announced the launch of Arbitrum DAO and its native governance token, ARB, on March 16. Eligible users and developers will receive…

    Anonymous DAO tomi raises $40M for ‘surveillance-free’ internet
    22 Mar 2023

    The anonymous group of crypto developers is promoting the use of a decentralized autonomous organization to govern an alternative version of the internet. Alternative internet developer tomi has raised $40 million from venture capital firms as part of a broader effort to lure content creators to its decentralized World Wide Web alternative. The funding round…

    US exploring ways to guarantee the country’s 18T of bank deposits: Report
    21 Mar 2023

    The current deposit insurance cap under the FDIC is $250,000, but recent banking collapses have seen calls to increase that amount. U.S. officials are reportedly studying ways to expand the current scope of deposit insurance that would guarantee all U.S. bank deposits should the current banking crisis worsen. The current deposit insurance cap under the…

    Manta Network seeks to bring privacy to nonfungible crypto assets with new NPO platform
    21 Mar 2023

    The new NFT Private Offering platform will enable users to mint nonfungible tokens and soulbound tokens while maintaining the privacy of their crypto assets. Zero-knowledge layer 1 blockchain Manta Network announced on March 20 that it had added support for assets, including nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and soulbound tokens (SBTs), to its protocol. The MantaPay protocol, which initially supported…

    Crypto Fear and Greed Index hits highest level since Bitcoin’s all-time high
    21 Mar 2023

    Sentiment toward the crypto market is the most positive its been since around the time Bitcoin hit its all-time high almost 16 months ago. The Crypto Fear and Greed Index has hit its highest index score this year, reaching levels not seen since Bitcoin posted its all-time high in November 2021. A March 20 update of the Index…