Binance’s response to U.S. Senators lacks financial information: Report
    20 Mar 2023

    Binance’s Patrick Hillman answered a letter from United States Senators requesting information on Binance’s operations in the country and its relationship with Binance.US. Binance has answered a letter from United States Senators from early March requesting information about the crypto exchange operations in the country, including its balance sheet. According to a report on March 18,…

    DefiLlama forked as internal dispute unfolds
    20 Mar 2023

    A disagreement over the launch of a LLAMA token led core employees to fork DefiLlama blockchain on March 19. A dispute has taken place within the decentralized finance analytics dashboard DefiLlama, leading the platform to be forked by one of its employees over the weekend. The dispute centers on the company’s plans to launch a…

    Beware of fake Arbitrum Airdrops, community warns
    20 Mar 2023

    The community has warned others to stay vigilant after reports of phishing websites and scams offering Arbitrum Airdrop tokens. Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Arbitrum’s upcoming “ARB” token Airdrop appears to have become a popular target for scammers, with the community warning of hundreds of phishing scams aimed at tricking crypto users. Announced in a March…

    What are the Howey test and its implications for cryptocurrency?
    19 Mar 2023

    The Howey test’s impact on cryptocurrency, explained — legal implications, compliance requirements and more. What is the Howey test? The Howey test is a legal test used in the United States to determine whether a transaction qualifies as an investment contract and, thus, is considered a security under federal law. The test was established by…

    Former Coinbase CTO makes $2M bet on Bitcoin’s performance
    19 Mar 2023

    Balaji Srinivasan has predicted Bitcoin will reach $1 million within 90 days as a consequence of hyperinflation in the United States. Former Coinbase chief technology officer Balaji Srinivasan has made a millionaire bet on Bitcoin’s price over the next 90 days, predicting the cryptocurrency price will reach $1 million by June 17. The wager was initiated on March…

    More 186 US banks well-positioned for collapse, SVB analysis reveals
    18 Mar 2023

    Rising interest rates, which brought down the U.S. banking system’s market value of assets by $2 trillion, combined with a large share of uninsured deposits at some U.S. banks, threatens their stability. The perfect mix of losses, uninsured leverage and a greater loan portfolio, among other factors, resulted in the fall of Silicon Valley Bank…