China suffers worst capital flight in years, but could it pump Bitcoin?
    22 Sep 2023

    China’s capital outflows reached $49 billion in August, its highest in nearly eight years. Analysts are debating whether it could be a boon for Bitcoin and crypto. Bitcoin could see “substantial inflows” from China within the next few months amid a weakening Chinese yuan and one of the country’s biggest capital flights in years. “The familiarity…

    Nic Carter doubles down on theory Bitcoin was invented by NSA
    22 Sep 2023

    The decade-old “NSA created Bitcoin” theory has again made the rounds on social media, with one Bitcoin advocate adding more weight to his ongoing theory. Bitcoin advocate Nic Carter has come out to reiterate his support for the theory that the United States National Security Agency (NSA) had something to do with the creation of…

    Optimism to sell $160M in OP tokens to 7 purchasers via private sale
    21 Sep 2023

    The Optimism Network has revealed that it will sell 116 million OP tokens in a series of planned sales. Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Optimism (OP) has disclosed plans to sell 116 million OP tokens to seven private buyers for treasury management purposes At current prices, the sale will see $159 million worth of OP tokens…

    CoinEx to resume service with new wallet system following $70M hack
    21 Sep 2023

    CoinEx has rebuilt its wallet system following a $70 million hack and is set to resume deposits and withdrawals for select cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx is set to resume deposits and withdrawals for its users more than a week after it suffered a $70 million hack due to compromised hot wallet private keys. In previous correspondence with Cointelegraph, the…

    International financial group finds gaps in digital euro legislative package
    21 Sep 2023

    The Institute of International Finance looked at seven areas where digital euro legislation, which is being developed alongside the technology, is lacking. The Institute of International Finance (IIF) has published an assessment of the European Commission’s proposed legislation on the digital euro. It gave the bill average marks. The IIF is a financial industry global…

    Former Deutsche Bank exec pleads guilty over ‘R3 Crypto Fund’ scheme
    20 Sep 2023

    Rashawn Russell faces up to 30 years in prison for his role in the fraudulent cryptocurrency trading scheme. A former Deutsche Bank investment banker, who was charged earlier this year in relation to a fraudulent cryptocurrency trading scheme, has pleaded guilty to investment fraud — and could face up to 30 years in prison. According…