Pakistan investigates $100 million crypto scam
    11 Jan 2022

    Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has uncovered a cryptocurrency investment scam that allegedly cost Pakistani citizens about 17.7 billion rupees (about $100 million). Over the last month, many people in Pakistan complained to the FIA against at least 11 mobile applications which had stopped working over some time and allegedly defrauded their money. The notice…

    Future FinTech Group subsidiary launches crypto market data platform FTFTX
    11 Jan 2022

    Future FinTech Group announced in Abu Dhabi the launch of FTFTX, the innovative global crypto market data platform that provides investors with real-time and reliable market data. The data is available for Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, TRON, and other cryptocurrencies via the website and FTFTX App on mobile devices. According to a press release, Future…

    Crypto crime surged to a record $14 billion in 2021, Chainalysis says
    10 Jan 2022

    A new report from the analytics firm Chainalysis said that illicit addresses received a record $14 billion worth of crypto in 2021, which is more than 79% higher than the $7.8 billion stolen in 2020. On the other hand, the report said that crime is becoming a smaller and smaller part of the crypto ecosystem….

    Crypto Trends Weekly Jan. 1 – 7
    10 Jan 2022

    Breaking crypto news from the last week (Jan. 1 – 7, 2022):   Jan. 1: In India, the director-general GST Intelligence (DGGI) searched around half a dozen offices of cryptocurrency service providers following the 700 million rupees tax evasion from cryptocurrency trade. A local media report has confirmed that major Indian cryptocurrency service providers are…

    Suspected crypto ‘rug pull’ scam nets $10 million to actors

    Arbix Finance, a yield-farming protocol that runs on Binance Smart Chain, has reportedly siphoned user funds in what blockchain security firm CertiK labeled a “rug pull” following its incident analysis. The developments follow a recent report issued by Chainalysis, the blockchain analytics firm, revealing over $7.7 billion was stolen in crypto scams worldwide in 2021,…

    DCJPY: Creating a Japanese Cryptocurrency
    10 Jan 2022

    Japan’s largest banks are preparing to start testing the digital yen, created by an independent consortium of developers. If the project were to succeed, Japan would become the first to issue a “real” nationwide cryptocurrency “on a voluntary basis.” In Japan, a consortium of the country’s 74 largest companies announced the release and subsequent trials…