Bitcoin Pizza Day: The story about a $300 million dinner
    25 May 2022

    Bitcoin Pizza Day commemorates the day in 2010 when Laszlo Hanyecz, a programmer and BTC miner from Florida, used the crypto to purchase two pizzas from Papa John’s. It occurs every year on May 22. It is the first physical item purchased with the first decentralized digital currency. Before Bitcoin’s coronation as an alternative asset…

    Arab-developed Bitcoin trading bot set to revolutionize the way people invest

    AYMBot, a fully-automated, algorithmic, Bitcoin-trading bot developed in Jordan, aims to revolutionize the way people generate wealth from cryptocurrency, according to its creator. AYMBot was designed to tackle the main issues and challenges associated with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading, including volatility and accessibility, CEO Ahmad Alsharqatli told Arab News. “The problem with crypto, that people…

    The crypto ecosystem in the UAE is set for bigger things – Arab News
    04 May 2022

    Following the world’s media coverage of Dubai’s new crypto laws announced in March, traditional businesses and institutions, such as shops, schools, and delivery services, in the UAE are promptly embracing digital currencies. Arab News released a panoramic report on how businesses in Dubai gradually adopt payments and salaries in crypto. After the several global crypto…

    UAE’s grocery delivery service YallaMarket adopts crypto payments
    24 Apr 2022

    YallaMarket, a grocery delivery platform in the UAE, announced Wednesday that they now accept crypto payments for customer orders, while the UAE is crypto-friendly and considered to be the center of cryptocurrency in the Middle East. United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been one of the most aggressive with its crypto adoption strategy. They have talked…

    Lebanese-Canadian ex-pat restarts startup in Dubai eyeing a crypto and metaverse future
    21 Apr 2022

    Lebanese-Canadian ex-pat resident Rayan Najdi, 29, relaunched his business in the UAE in 2020 after an economic collapse at home forced him to look for an alternative. A personal story about a former electrical design engineer who now designs online courses for students in the UAE, published on Gulf News. ‘Cost efficiency is a mentality…

    Spanish entrepreneur in the UAE bets on mass crypto adoption
    18 Apr 2022

    Mani Thawani, a Spanish entrepreneur, aims to lead the mass crypto adoption movement in Dubai. His company Blockmatica now oversees five crypto-related businesses, including the TV reality show ‘Block Talent’ and a metaverse project. As Khaleej Times reported, Thawani’s holding company Blockmatica Group has already executed exciting projects, such as ‘Block Talent,’ a funding incubator…