Indonesian student makes $1 million selling NFT selfies on OpenSea
    18 Jan 2022

    Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali, a 22-year-old Indonesian student, has joined the NFT frenzy, becoming a millionaire as a result. He listed selfies of himself as an NFT for five years on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, and sold them for $1,107,225 in total. Al Ghozali is a college student studying Computer Science and based in…

    Binance CEO is the wealthiest crypto billionaire at $96 billion
    11 Jan 2022

    Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, also known as “CZ,” became the wealthiest crypto billionaire with an estimated net worth of $96 billion – and that’s without counting his personal crypto holdings. According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Changpeng Zhao ranks 11th among the world’s richest people as Binance retains its position as the biggest crypto exchange…

    No pension. No savings. No future. No wonder we’re betting the house on crypto

    We need a way out. We need a way up. That’s why I – and so many others – have jumped into cryptocurrency with both feet, says Rohit Thawani on The Guardian. I must begin this article by stating that the information I’m providing is not financial advice. I think I legally have to say…

    Unfolding the success of a crypto industry doyen
    25 Nov 2021

    Muhammad Ali Bandial on Khaleej Times tells the story of Alex Meurer, who believes the principle of magnetism brings it all back to you, on track to be a billionaire. The world is taken over by digital advancement and some people have been intelligent enough to make some wise and smart choices to gain greater…

    Forget cash. Pay me in Bitcoin
    17 Nov 2021

    As cryptocurrency gains acceptance, more people are vying to get their paycheck and other benefits in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies, Jazmin Goodwin writes on CNN Business. Famous athletes, politicians, and everyday employees are now getting all or part of their salary this way. “Whether you’re the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, or…

    Crypto in the desert: The founders of a VC fund explain why Dubai is the next global hub
    16 Oct 2021

    – CV VC invests in blockchain start-ups across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. – It recently launched a Dubai incubation program, offering firms up to $125,000. – Its CIO and Dubai managing partner spoke to Insider about the fund’s expansion plans. For some industry insiders, a second ‘crypto valley’ – the major blockchain hub…