What are tokenized commodities?
    05 May 2024

    Tokenized commodities, which include energy resources, agricultural products, precious metals and other tangible things, are digital representations of real-world assets.  These assets go through a process known as “tokenization,” in which their ownership rights are converted into blockchain-based cryptographic tokens. Partially owned and accessible, each token usually represents a portion or entirety of the underlying commodity….

    Block size and scalability
    11 Dec 2023

    What is block size, and why is it important? Block size is important for maximizing storage efficiency and transaction throughput in file systems and blockchain contexts.  The amount of data processed or transferred in a single block within a computer system or storage device is referred to as the block size. It represents the basic…

    What is Metcalfe’s Law, and why does it matter?
    03 Aug 2023

    Metcalfe’s Law in crypto Metcalfe’s Law is a fundamental principle used to comprehend the network effect of communication systems such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks. Metcalfe’s Law was first used in the telecommunications industry, and has subsequently been applied to several social and technological networks. Metcalfe’s Law was created by Robert Metcalfe, the co-inventor of…

    What is The Graph, and how does it work?
    09 Jul 2023

    What is The Graph (GRT) cryptocurrency? The Graph is a decentralized indexing system that allows users to query data from blockchain networks, making DApp development easier. The Graph is an open-source protocol hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, designed for indexing and querying, much like Google. It collects, organizes and stores data from other blockchains, making it…

    What are distributed systems, and how do they work?
    19 Mar 2023

    What is a distributed system? A distributed system is a collection of independent computers that appear to the user as a single coherent system.  To accomplish a common objective, the computers in a distributed system communicate with one another. A distributed system’s computers may be housed in one physical place or dispersed across several regions….

    4 strategies for staking Ethereum
    11 Mar 2023

    From liquidity pools to liquid staking and “looping,” here are a few approaches you can take to ETH staking — categorized by the Chinese Zodiac. Staked Ether, liquid derivatives — it’s a whirlygig of smart contracts and big-brain blockchain jargon out there. Nonetheless, there are a few paths through the ETH staking wilderness. But remember,…