EU set to roll out a law diminishing Proof-of-Work mining
    19 Oct 2022

    The European Union (EU) released a package of documents related to an action plan for implementing the European Green Deal and the REPowerEU Plan, which aim at energy savings by digitalizing the energy sector. In place of PoW mining, the EU plans to increase the Proof of Stake (PoS) concentration in the bloc. According to…

    Quick guide: What is a crypto mining pool?

    A fraternity-based approach to mine crypto, mining pools let miners combine their computational resources for a better chance to win rewards — describes Murtuza Merchant on Cointelegraph. In the early days of Bitcoin (BTC), crypto enthusiasts only required a basic personal computer with an internet connection to generate new BTC tokens through a distributed computing…

    Bitcoin mining provider Compute North files for bankruptcy
    24 Sep 2022

    Compute North, the US-based Bitcoin mining hosting provider, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a federal court, citing the decline in Bitcoin pricing and power costs rising. In addition to general market conditions, a shift in the relationship with its biggest creditor, Generate Capital, led the firm to enter the Chapter 11 process….

    ETHPoW drops 61% after The Merge, while Grayscale revealed its rights to tokens
    17 Sep 2022

    ETHPoW, a fork of the proof-of-work Ethereum blockchain, was down over 61% in 24 hours following The Merge. Meanwhile, Grayscale Investments said to an SEC it has the rights to ETHPoW tokens due to The Merge. The native token of EthereumPoW, a proof-of-work hardfork of the Ethereum blockchain, was trading down over 60% on Sept….

    The Merge is getting closer: The last steps
    11 Sep 2022

    Ethereum’s Bellatrix upgrade was successful Ethereum’s Merge came closer last week with its Bellatrix upgrade going live on Sept. 6. Bellatrix is the final step before the Ethereum blockchain switches to a proof-of-stake consensus model from its current proof-of-work model. The Bellatrix upgrade prepares Ethereum’s proof-of-stake Beacon Chain for The Merge with its mainnet Execution…

    Ethereum Merge means huge implications for all crypto mining industry
    07 Sep 2022

    The Ethereum Merge could flood the crypto industry with out-of-work miners, impacting not only Ethereum but all PoW coins. This is likely to force many crypto miners to give up and abandon their expensive mining rigs amid plunging profits. As Cointelegraph reported, the transition of the Ethereum blockchain from a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus is likely…