Taproot: help to perfect Bitcoin
    07 Aug 2021

    Taproot is a Bitcoin soft fork that will enhance privacy and script execution. It is also connected with the Schnorr soft fork, which will improve scalability, transaction speed and encode multiple keys into one. This fall will mark an important milestone in Bitcoin development, as the activation of Taproot on the main Bitcoin network presumably…

    IDO: same ICO by a different name
    05 Aug 2021

    First popularized in 2017, ICOs are back again in a somewhat new form. Really though, it’s essentially the same, only even a little riskier than before. And yes, they are now called IDOs. IDO is an initial project token offering on a decentralized exchange, another way of public fundraising. There is no official definition of…

    Emirates on the path to their own CBDC
    04 Aug 2021

    The United Arab Emirates has included the development of a national digital currency (CBDC) as a point in the country’s Central Bank development strategy for 2023-2026. But the path there was not easy: initially, it was conceived of as a monetary unit for several Arab countries at once. In early July, it became known that…

    DeFi could revolutionize finance
    03 Aug 2021

    Could DeFi revolutionize finance? And can regulators do something about it? Chris Matthews reflects in his MarketWatch column, while Washington is paying close attention to this $100 billion movement. More than a decade after its creation, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have failed to achieve the dream of a new, widely-used global currency free from the…

    Newfound relevance for CBDC in the EU and the USA
    03 Aug 2021

    The financial world is rapidly getting rebuilt using blockchain. China is ahead of its geopolitical rivals, having already adopted the digital yuan; and both businesses and private investors are putting billions in crypto and DeFi with zero central bank regulations. In these conditions, the Fed and the ECB are forced to accelerate. I confess that…

    Controversial issue of stablecoins
    02 Aug 2021

    Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies pegged to traditional currencies in order to prevent volatility, and the financial authorities all over the globe have mixed feelings about them. On the one hand, these are still cryptocurrencies, and therefore are fraught with potential danger. On the other hand, they seem to confirm the authority of fiat currencies, so prohibiting…