NFT markets show new record week
    05 Aug 2021

    Markets for digital collectibles known as non-fungible tokens (NFT) have climbed to record highs in trading volume and average prices in the past week, particularly over the weekend. NFT marketplace OpenSea saw record trading volume on Saturday and Sunday as CryptoPunks, ArtBlocks, and Bored Ape Yacht Club prices soared. While traditional crypto assets have seen…

    IDO: same ICO by a different name
    05 Aug 2021

    First popularized in 2017, ICOs are back again in a somewhat new form. Really though, it’s essentially the same, only even a little riskier than before. And yes, they are now called IDOs. IDO is an initial project token offering on a decentralized exchange, another way of public fundraising. There is no official definition of…

    Polish police find Bitcoin mining rig inside the police station
    04 Aug 2021

    Polish Bitcoin miners took the idea of hiding in plain sight to a new level when they placed the rack with operating crypto machines inside police headquarters. As local media reported, Polish police have found a crypto-mining rig within its own police station. Warsaw police told the local news outlet Gazeta Wyborcza it has discovered…

    US officials hire a cryptocurrency firm to hold Bitcoin it’s seizing
    04 Aug 2021

    Following a rise in crypto-related crimes, federal law enforcement is seizing a lot of crypto assets. Now the US government has hired a cryptocurrency firm to hold all its Bitcoin seizures. This week, Anchorage Digital, a small crypto safekeeping platform, revealed its contract with the Department of Justice to store and liquidate digital assets that…

    Emirates on the path to their own CBDC
    04 Aug 2021

    The United Arab Emirates has included the development of a national digital currency (CBDC) as a point in the country’s Central Bank development strategy for 2023-2026. But the path there was not easy: initially, it was conceived of as a monetary unit for several Arab countries at once. In early July, it became known that…

    Crypto Trends Weekly 24 – 30 July
    03 Aug 2021

    Breaking crypto news from the last week (24 – 30 July 2021): 24 July: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sees Bitcoin as a big part of Twitter’s future and forecasts its integration into Twitter services and new features, including Twitter Tip Jar and Super Follows. 25 July: In various experts’ opinions, Bitcoin has proven to be…