Binance launches a $500 million crypto investment fund for Web3 startups
    02 Jun 2022

    In collaboration with global investors, Binance Labs, the investment arm of Binance, has unveiled a $500 million fund to invest in crypto and Web3 startups at various phases of development. The move is representing the growing optimistic attitude to crypto investments despite the market decline last few weeks. Binance Labs said in a statement that…

    Goldman Sachs reportedly discusses the integration of crypto derivatives with FTX

    Goldman Sachs, a Wall Street investment bank, is reportedly in talks with crypto exchange FTX as it plans to integrate a few features of its derivatives businesses. The CEOs of the two companies met in the Caribbean to discuss a potential partnership. Also, Goldman Sachs might work with FTX to help the exchange to achieve…

    How will Fed balance sheet cuts affect the crypto markets
    02 Jun 2022

    The US Federal Reserve is starting paring back its $9 trillion balance sheet that ballooned in recent years in a move called quantitative tightening (QT). What will happen to the crypto markets when quantitative tightening takes full effect, and the Federal Reserve stops the money printer? Whether QT, starting on June 1, will put an…