Thousands of Solana wallets are targeted by the multi-million dollar hack

    The Solana ecosystem suffered the multimillion-dollar hack, with users reporting that their funds have been drained silently from major internet-connected “hot” wallets, including Phantom, Slope, and TrustWallet. So far, at least 8,000 wallets have been affected, with about $8 million lost, but the source of the attack remains unknown. On August 3 night, an unknown…

    Gucci accepts ApeCoin, as Tiffany rolls out NFT CryptoPunk pendants
    03 Aug 2022

    High fashion brand Gucci said it will accept ApeCoin (APE) as payment at select US stores. The firm already accepts other top crypto coins and collaborates on NFT and metaverse game projects. Meanwhile, Tiffany & Co. announced the rollout of a handcrafted pendants collection modeled on CryptoPunks, another iconic NFT collection owned by Yuga Labs….

    Gulf News: NFT and Metaverse revolution is just getting started

    Investors should ignore the hype and focus on the finer details of the possibilities, suggests Chainalysis’ Bas Lemmens on Gulf News. With the crypto and blockchain markets having matured significantly, attention is being placed on the rapidly evolving non-fungible token (NFT) and Metaverse. NFTs are becoming a major part of Web3, and the Metaverse is…