Bitcoin and Beyond: The Future of Cryptocurrency Investing
    18 Oct 2022

    Experts weigh in on the future of crypto as currency ahead of CoinDesk’s I.D.E.A.S. conference. Since 2009, when Bitcoin was quietly launched by its creator, the technology spurred thousands of digital money projects, creating a vibrant and lucrative landscape for investors. Investors now come in all sorts of flavors. What once was a small group…

    Aptos blockchain launches its mainnet, fuelled by millions of VC dollars
    18 Oct 2022

    Aptos Labs blockchain announced the long-anticipated launch of its mainnet on Oct. 17, becoming the first of the Facebook spin-off networks to premiere and test its multibillion-dollar valuation. However, until the Aptos token, wallets, trading venues, and DApps debut, there won’t be many use cases on Aptos. Aptos is the creation of several ex-Meta employees…

    Mastercard partners with Paxos to launch crypto trading for banks
    18 Oct 2022

    Mastercard announced on October 17 the Crypto Source program, which will make it easier for banks and financial institutions to offer cryptocurrency trading. The payments giant is teaming up with Paxos to launch the service and take care of compliance and security. The Crypto Source program will act as a “bridge” between the crypto trading…