Burn-to-Earn: German entrepreneur in Dubai merges fitness and crypto

    10 Jul 2022

    Ferhat Kacmaz, a German entrepreneur who moved to Dubai, took the risk of merging fitness and crypto, incentivizing his customers to train with cryptocurrency in his own “burn-to-earn” app Fit Burn. His Fit in Time chain has already spread in the UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait, with plans to soon open in Saudi Arabia, reflecting the upcoming trend towards move-to-earn activity.

    Initially, Ferhat Kacmaz founded Fit in Time, a chain of Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) fitness locations across Germany, and then moved in the Middle East, offering this technology to a broader audience in the UAE. After moving to Dubai in 2012, he teamed up with Fitness First to open a multitude of fitness locations across the UAE. Currently, his franchise has 26 locations with expansion plans for the coming few years.

    With the EMS training in the Middle East, Kacmaz presents a new way to combine fitness and NFTs through Fit Burn – his new “Burn-to-Earn” app, rewarding users with every sweat dropped in their fitness sessions. This is an original concept powered by blockchain technology, making the Fit Burn app a first of its kind in the world. It is helping users earn money in the form of Caloriecoin (CAL) and enable them to vote with the Governance token Sweat by holding a gamified NFT T-shirt.

    The EMS training includes the elicitation of muscle contraction, which uses electric impulses to train deep tissue muscles, helping people attain their desired fitness results. Fit in Time has already spread across the Middle East, including the UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait, and is soon to open in Saudi Arabia, with plans to expand locations in Asia and the US.

    Move-to-earn boomed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. People were mostly at home, sitting and spending their time behind the screen. Since it’s essential to move frequently for your health, M2E got really popular. It’s a new way to reward users for getting up and starting to move while using technology. Every move you make, you will earn cryptocurrency.

    Maybe over the years, this M2E trend will transform into FitnessFi instead of GameFi, because of this concept’s potential and people’s willingness to be healthy and stay active due to the health problems created by the recent pandemic.

    Image Source: https://www.thenationalnews.com/uae/heritage/uae-portrait-of-a-nation-millionaire-slept-in-car-after-business-went-under-1.887904

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