12 reasons that push Dogecoin to predictable crash
    30 Jun 2021

    Over the last decade, cryptocurrencies have embraced the wider market. As Bitcoin (BTC) tends to be the most popular currency in the crypto world, Dogecoin (DOGE), the so-called ‘meme-coin,’ has delivered one of the highest returns. Within just six months between November and May, Dogecoin has shown a 27,000% return! Too bad, but the Dogecoin…

    Money Leaving Defi Sector As Cryptocurrency Falls And Market Loses Its Gloss
    29 Jun 2021

    Decentralized finance (DeFi) is considered the next big opportunity among blockchain technologies. But money is fleeing the sector amid a cryptocurrency market decline and fears of regulatory scrutiny. Recently, red flags are starting to appear more often in the DeFi sector, one of the most profitable and volatile fields of the crypto world this year….

    Palestinian Monetary Authority looks toward its own digital currency
    29 Jun 2021

    The Palestinian Monetary Authority is researching the possibility of issuance of its own digital currency, which would provide a symbolic move to monetary independence from Israel. PMA plans to use European funds to boost the private sector, but experts are skeptical about this new adventure. This step would include Palestine on the list of other…

    A new crypto winter?
    29 Jun 2021

    The “seasons” on the cryptocurrency market are becoming more and more distinct. If what we witnessed a year ago could be called the “crypto spring”, now everything indicates that the “crypto winter” has begun. BTC went below $ 30 thousand, similar to dropping air temperature that points to the advent of frost. The feeling of…

    Guggenheim’s expert Scott Minerd awaits Bitcoin could plunge to $15,000

    The chief investment officer of the Guggenheim Partners investment firm, Scott Minerd, warned on Friday that Bitcoin could step down at $10,000 to $15,000. This February, the now-bearish expert was much more optimistic. In the interview on CNBC, the expert of the multi-billion dollar investment firm said that investors shouldn’t be “anxious to be putting…

    How blockchain helps the energy sector of the Persian Gulf countries.
    28 Jun 2021

    Blockchain is not just about cryptocurrencies. The technology is also used in blockchain platforms to trade in oil and gas – the prime exports of the Persian Gulf countries. Blockchain can also help the renewable energy market infrastructure safer, more resilient and economically effective. Stage 1: trading on the blockchain Back in 2018, the World…