5 Questions to Ask About Ethereum’s Potential

    Is the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency could be the one with the most potential, asks Lyle Daly on A Motley Fool. If you’ve been looking for cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin to invest in, then Ethereum has probably been on your radar. Technically, Ethereum is a programmable blockchain, and its cryptocurrency is called Ether. People often refer to…

    Which Cryptocurrencies Are The Most Profitable To Buy In 2021
    07 Jun 2021

    As many companies inclining towards cryptocurrency as an investment, Apoorva Bellapu at Analytics Insight observes crypto tendencies in 2021. Since the cryptocurrency market had fallen a few days ago, the rush to invest in digital coins raises like never before. Everyone estimates that the market would correct itself in a while and that the prices…

    NFT bubble popped? Study shows NFT sales dropped 90% over last month
    05 Jun 2021

    According to a recent analysis by crypto news site Protos, non-fungible token (NFT) sales plummeted 90% since the record sales on May 3. Market data shows over 130,000 NFT sales in a single day, and 30 days later, NFT sales dropped more than 35% last month, reaching over 84,000. Since peaking on May 3, when…

    Massive Cryptocurrency Market Drop: Large Stablecoins Fall Below 0.9 USD
    19 May 2021

    Currently, the cryptocurrency market is clearly showing a decline in major coins, but among all this, a sudden drop, at about the same time, in many major stablecoins, clearly stands out At 13:30 UTC, major cryptocurrencies are bleeding, and the top 10 by market capitalization are seeing losses between bitcoin (BTC)’s 23% and binance coin…

    Bitcoin’s mind-blowing fall: Cryptocurrency bans in China, Elon Musk and Ethereum
    19 May 2021

    The collapse of bitcoin was followed by the fall of the entire market, and today we will try to consider and analyze the reasons that led to this: How is this related to the ban of cryptocurrency in China? How Elon Musk influenced the situation and more And then, BTC crashed to almost USD 30,000,…

    Is Ethereum on the way to the descent?
    17 May 2021

    Judging by the Ether pattern, we can assume its possible decline After trending higher since January, a reversal pattern has formed on the chart. This means a new downtrend may be forming. When markets are moving higher the bulls are in charge. When they’re going lower the bears are in control. A reversal pattern is…