BTC adventures in 2021: what to expect from the first cryptocurrency?
    19 Jun 2021

    The new “cryptospring” is here. Ever since the beginning of the year the graph for bitcoin rate in relation to dollar resembles a mountain range: starting at $ 20,000 in mid-December, the first cryptocurrency quickly reached 40,000$, slightly slower got to $ 65,000 and went down (though also unevenly). Now BTC price is hovering around…

    Bitcoin is Digital Gold, Michael Saylor Explained His Crypto Strategy
    19 Jun 2021

    MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor expressed his support for cryptocurrencies and called Bitcoin the most dominant digital property network. In the interview with CNBC on Tuesday evening, he compared Bitcoin to digital gold on a big technology network. Commenting about the performance over the last 12 months the recent surge in inflation, and the role of…

    Central bankers calm down concerns over digital currency risks
    19 Jun 2021

    Central bankers are trying to reduce fears that their efforts to develop digital currencies (CBDC) might take business away from commercial banks. Benoit Coeure, the head of the Bank for International Settlement’s Innovation Hub, said in Stockholm on Wednesday that commercial lenders should consider central bank digital currencies (CBDC)  “as an opportunity that will enable…

    World Bank rejects to assist El Salvador’s Bitcoin implementation
    19 Jun 2021

    The World Bank has rejected El Salvador’s request for help on the implementation of Bitcoin as a legal tender. After it comes, Bitcoin hovered below $40,000 on Thursday morning. In Wednesday’s announcement, the World Bank stated it could not assist El Salvador’s Bitcoin implementation because of environmental and transparency drawbacks. “We are committed to helping…

    Binance-backed travel company launches a decentralized Airbnb competitor
    17 Jun 2021

    A travel booking site backed by Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is launching Dtravel, a decentralized vacation rental service that could compete with Airbnb and gives homeowners a stake in the platform. In a Wednesday announcement, Travala said it had partnered with former executives from Airbnb and Expedia to launch a new service…

    The great mining exodus: China is exiling more than half the world’s miners
    17 Jun 2021

    A month ago, Beijing began a fierce crackdown on the crypto mining and trading industry in China, caused so-called “the great mining migration.” Who will gain an advantage of this great crypto exodus? Experts believe that would be the places with abundant solar and wind energy, free market, and crypto-friendly policy. For a long time,…