DeFi startup raised $10 million funding backed by Andre Cronje from Yearn.Finance
    13 Jun 2021

    India-based DeFi startup Instadapp reported on Friday the completion of a funding round in $10 million. It was led by Standard Crypto, including Andre Cronje, the founder of crypto investing platform Yearn.Finance. The startup plans to use funds to further developing of a “middleware” layer for the DeFi ecosystem. Instadapp plays an important role in…

    1,100 suspected of using crypto for money laundering arrested in China
    13 Jun 2021

    As the China Ministry of Public Security said, the police have arrested more than 1,100 suspects of using cryptocurrencies for illegal activities, like laundering money and telecom frauds. The Chinese authorities stated they have crackdown more than 170 gangs responsible for using crypto for criminal purposes. The arrests follow China has stepped up efforts to…

    Paris Hilton to support Origin as advisor and investor
    12 Jun 2021

    The world-renowned influencer Paris Hilton joins Origin as an investor and advisor to make its products and Origin Tokens (OGN) even more successful. Paris Hilton is the original entertainment and business icon that pushes the creator economy forward. Aside from her influence on mainstream culture through music and TV shows since the early 2000s, Paris…

    Goldman Sachs shows interest in Blockdaemon’s DeFi expansion
    12 Jun 2021

    Skeptical before about cryptocurrency, Goldman Sachs continues to fund crypto companies. Investment giant recently funded around $28 million to Blockdaemon’s expansion. The more evidence that the New York City-based firm changing its mind to cryptocurrency. The investment banking giant has joined in on a significant funding round to aid Blockdaemon, a large blockchain firm, to…

    MicroStrategy CEO announces the Bitcoin Mining Council amid the energy usage debates
    12 Jun 2021

    The Bitcoin Mining Council announced on Thursday as debates over the energy wasted in crypto mining are growing. The energy consumed to mine cryptocurrencies matches a developed country’s usage and is comparable to big CO2 emitters such as airlines and fossil-fuel companies. “The Bitcoin Mining Council is a voluntary and open forum of Bitcoin miners…

    To buy Bitcoin, MicroStrategy raises corporate bond sale by $100 million
    10 Jun 2021

    The publicly traded company MicroStrategy, a big enterprise software developer, announced Tuesday that it raised its corporate bond sale from $400 million to $500 million to satisfy investor demand. The revenue will be transferred to purchase funds in Bitcoin above the 92,079 BTC the firm accumulated before. Unnamed sources said to Bloomberg, the sale was…