Is DeFi technology easy enough to adapt to non-finance industries?
    17 Jun 2021

    DeFi gets a bad rap for being complex, technology makes it simple enough to cut out middlemen in non-finance industries ranging from energy to e-commerce. Decentralized finance is far and away the hottest topic in crypto, touted as a way to make a fortune by backing the right token, but also a tool for taking…

    Mark Cuban warns: Banks should be scared of DeFi
    16 Jun 2021

    Legendary billionaire investor Mark Cuban said on Sunday that the U.S. government and regulators should start getting behind crypto innovations, like decentralized finance (DeFi). In other ways, the U.S. will “lose the next great growth engine that this country needs.” Cuban outlined his mind in the blog post named “The Brilliance of Yield Farming, Liquidity…

    DeFi startup raised $10 million funding backed by Andre Cronje from Yearn.Finance
    13 Jun 2021

    India-based DeFi startup Instadapp reported on Friday the completion of a funding round in $10 million. It was led by Standard Crypto, including Andre Cronje, the founder of crypto investing platform Yearn.Finance. The startup plans to use funds to further developing of a “middleware” layer for the DeFi ecosystem. Instadapp plays an important role in…

    Goldman Sachs shows interest in Blockdaemon’s DeFi expansion
    12 Jun 2021

    Skeptical before about cryptocurrency, Goldman Sachs continues to fund crypto companies. Investment giant recently funded around $28 million to Blockdaemon’s expansion. The more evidence that the New York City-based firm changing its mind to cryptocurrency. The investment banking giant has joined in on a significant funding round to aid Blockdaemon, a large blockchain firm, to…

    5 Questions to Ask About Ethereum’s Potential

    Is the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency could be the one with the most potential, asks Lyle Daly on A Motley Fool. If you’ve been looking for cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin to invest in, then Ethereum has probably been on your radar. Technically, Ethereum is a programmable blockchain, and its cryptocurrency is called Ether. People often refer to…

    Google Is Allowing Ads For Cryptocurrency In US Again
    03 Jun 2021

    Google has announced an update to its existing financial products and services policy, including a policy on cryptocurrency advertising. According to its notice on Wednesday: “This policy will apply globally to all accounts that advertise these financial products.” The new rules will take effect on August 3, and all prior crypto exchange certifications will be…