Crypto Credibility campaign aims to increase awareness among students in Dubai

    23 May 2022

    Some Dubai universities are joining crypto credibility campaigns designed to help UAE students be aware of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It will positively engage students to help them gain a stronger understanding of the technology and lift their confidence in using crypto.

    According to YouGov’s report, 68% of young adults within the age group of 18-24 in the country are seeking to invest in cryptocurrencies, in the next 5 years. However, 20% of them stated that they don’t have enough knowledge about it.

    Therefore, Murdoch University Dubai recently held a session with experts in the area who helped students to secure an internship with panelists, Khaleej Times reported. Experts endeavored to help students develop their own projects and hone their skills and expertise in the sector.

    To increase crypto awareness, FTFT Capital launched the Crypto Credibility campaign, aiming to positively engage students to help them gain a stronger understanding of the technology and lift their confidence in the crypto space.

    Ola Lind, FTFT Capital Director and Global Blockchain Business Council UAE Ambassador, became the campaign author, aiming to short bridge the gap between mass adoption and the current dynamics of the crypto ecosystem by providing a platform for blockchain education.

    “With major improvements taking place in the crypto and blockchain field, we want the younger generation to look at this as a full-fledged career path rather than just an investment,” he said.

    These interactive sessions introduce young adults to the world of cryptocurrency, talking about the different kinds of cryptocurrencies, their uses, and a brief introduction on how to get started.

    Ensuring a safe and advanced legal framework for investors, Dubai Government adopted its first law regulating virtual assets, which is propelling market experts to align themselves with the UAE’s vision of becoming a global digital economy.

    Also, industry leaders are increasingly leveraging their employees, customers, and contacts for such campaigns to offer students a hands-on-immersive learning experience and the opportunity whenever possible to secure employment or internships that will allow them to learn alongside industry leaders.

    “With so much buzz about cryptocurrencies on social media, it’s no surprise that queries about the safest crypto investment, how to invest, and platforms to trust have begun to stream in,” said Ed H, one of the panelists. “I read 25 whitepapers every day. It is absolutely indisputable that you read at least five whitepapers every day and familiarize yourself with the entire concept before you start investing.”

    The people at the forefront of the campaign reiterate this comes in support of Dubai’s bid to become the industry hub for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They urge the youth to take an active part in this vision by educating themselves about the know-how of the technology and understating its potential and risk.

    According to data from Chainalysis, the Middle East’s crypto market makes up 7% of global crypto trading volumes, with a transaction value of $26 billion (Dh95.5 billion). This makes the UAE the third-largest crypto market in the Middle East, after Turkey and Lebanon.

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