Cryptocurrency data to produce music

    25 Jul 2021

    Texas-based influencer Estefannie and British synth-pop musician Look Mum No Computer collaborate to produce music based on fluctuations of the crypto market data.

    Estefannie and Sam Battle, also known as Look Mum No Computer, made a device that converts the price volatility of various cryptocurrency markets into music-like sounds.

    Battle constructed a mechanism to generate voltage fluctuations as derived from changes in crypto price, and Estefannie programmed a mini-PC Raspberry Pi to produce a sequence of relevant sounds from that data.

    In the explanatory video on building the “analog synthesizer musical machine,” Estefannie opined that “This would be a great tool to know when to sell and when to buy.” The duo’s final output has been showcased in an hour-long YouTube video, though the coin charts used for this specific performance remain a mystery for fans.

    As a result, we receive the hour-long video, which sounds like avant-garde music, a piece of art challenging our very concepts of music and enjoyment. Far from the expected snap and pop of currency trading, it sounds more like a whale song heard from the other side of a black hole. YouTube’s ability to play video at double speed becomes very useful.

    Explanation videos exist from both Estefannie and Look Mum No Computer, allowing us to wallow in all the technical and creative detail.

    Early this month, Cointelegraph reported on how blockchain technology is changing the music industry, shifting the power from intermediaries back to artists.


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