Dogecoin accepted as SpaceX’s payment method

    10 May 2021

    In the largest and loudest transaction in history, SpaceX accepted DOGE as payment from Geometric Energy Corporation for launching a Dogecoin-style rocket to the moon (literally).

    The well-known expression “To the moon” means a sharp, almost “vertical” rise in the rate of any cryptocurrency. Geometric Energy Corporation took it literally and decided to send a SpaceX rocket loaded with real Doge coins to Earth’s only satellite, the Moon.

    Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that Dogecoin will be the first cryptocurrency in space (and funnily enough, the first meme in space), which some consider historically valuable.

    He also admits that Dogecoin is just a “meme”: but that cannot stop him from flying to the moon, both literally and figuratively.

    Nonetheless, Elon has undoubtedly cemented Dogecoin’s legacy in the cosmic world and has certainly increased its overall credibility as a currency.

    This deal was clearly a publicity stunt and still DOGE has no payload.

    As of this writing, the cryptocurrency is trading at about $ 0.54, up 42.9% over the week and 1% up over the past 24 hours. Its market capitalization is around $ 70 billion and it is the 5th largest cryptocurrency. XRP from Ripple managed to regain its position, overtaking DOGE and finishing in 4th place.

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