Ethereum’s active addresses second-highest in history: Analysts

    15 Sep 2023

    Analysts at market intelligence platform Santiment suggest that the Ether market may experience increased volatility, potentially leading to a recovery.

    Through an examination of Ether’s on-chain activity, market intelligence platform Santiment has published a report indicating that the count of daily active Ether addresses experienced a notable increase, reaching around 1,089,893 on Sept. 13.

    This recent upsurge represents the second-highest number of daily active addresses ever recorded in Ethereum’s history. The highest count was registered on Dec. 9, 2022, aligning with Ether’s reevaluation following its losses from the post-2021 bear market.

    As a result, analysts at Santiment suggest that the Ether market may experience increased volatility, potentially leading to a recovery. Additionally, this uptick in on-chain activity indicates a growing demand for the underlying asset.

    Ethereum, whose native crypto, ETH, is the second-largest by market capitalization, is presently encountering immediate market instability after a recent price decline that pushed it below the $1,700 threshold. Nevertheless, Ethereum maintains its position in the decentralized finance ecosystem and smart contract arena, securing around $20 billion in total value locked.

    Ethereum remains attractive to institutional investors, as seen in the growing interest in spot exchange-traded funds. Additionally, the Ethereum network holds a central role in numerous blockchains due to its Ethereum Virtual Machine network. As a result, Ethereum’s prospects seem largely optimistic, supported by the network’s significant valuation, liquidity and strong trading activity.

    When it comes to analyzing Ether’s price, it’s worth noting that, despite being a prominent altcoin with unique fundamentals, ETH’s price movement is still considerably impacted by Bitcoin. Throughout history, September, particularly before a halving event, has been recognized as a bearish period for the cryptocurrency market.

    This might suggest that Ether’s price will continue its decline in the upcoming weeks, potentially nearing the next support level at approximately $1,500. In addition, the cryptocurrency is encountering significant selling pressure as both weekly and daily death crosses form between the 50- and 200-day moving averages.


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