Future Blockchain Summit: Hoo makes Middle East debut in Dubai

    21 Oct 2021

    October 17 at the Dubai World Trade Center, Hoo Global, the world’s leading blockchain assets service platform, made its maiden appearance at the Future Blockchain Summit, headlined by world-renowned tech giants, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM.

    Founded in 2018 and after three years of development, Hoo Group’s business offering entails the entire blockchain ecosystem with over 2.4 million total users covering more than 120 countries and regions worldwide. It is currently more than a platform; it is also a comprehensive blockchain industry with an ecological infrastructure, technology research and development, industry research, and others to support the local growth of blockchain technology and applications.

    Crypto-friendly policies, openness and tolerance, and support of the blockchain ecosystem are some of the main reasons for its choice of Dubai. The support for the crypto economy has made Dubai attractive to many crypto-asset trading platforms, with Hoo establishing its global operation center here soon.

    “In Dubai, there are people from all over the world, relying on its geography and culture. Dubai can attract the attention of users from the Arabian Peninsula and Arab countries, and this market is still quite big. In addition, Dubai is located in the middle of the Middle East, not far from Europe, Southeast Asia, India, and other countries and regions, and can also provide services for global compliance countries and regions,” said Rexy Wang, founder of Hoo.

    “Dubai is a great springboard for Hoo; we can put the core team of developers and products in Dubai. When we expand into other regions such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc., we will also build a market and operation team based on local conditions,” he added.

    Dr. Farzam, executive chairman of Hoo Global, has illustrated crucial opportunities and challenges that continue to face blockchain technology for contemporary finance during his “Blockchain industry innovation and contemporary finance” presentation at the summit.

    “The first change of blockchain technology to contemporary finance is the change of financial instruments. Blockchain is closely integrated with traditional finance, NFT, virtual space, and other scenarios, and there will be more innovations in the future,” he said.

    Rexy Wang also added that encryption technology will bring more fairness, transparency, and convenience to the world in the future. He said that under the favorable policy environment, Hoo has reached a cooperation with the Dubai government and will use the entire office building provided by the Dubai government as its global operation headquarters to carry out global business based on the Middle East region.

    Since 2018, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have become innovative technologies and industries that Dubai focuses on. The government’s macro-level support for the blockchain industry, as well as the advantageous conditions, such as a safe and stable social environment, a developed financial industry, and the gathering of high-tech talents, have made Dubai a landing point for many blockchain companies to conduct business globally.

    Future Blockchain Summit is an innovative move by Dubai to further promote industry development and focus on the industry’s breaking point. Due to the regulatory environment that provides blockchain companies the much-needed space to explore applications, as well as Dubai’s strategic location and talent pool, Hoo Global has now established a global operation center in Dubai, using it as an important node to radiate the global market.

    Hoo Global is also actively working with local governments and enterprises to develop blockchain applications at the level of empowering traditional business and social governance. Powered by Hoo Global’s ecological facilities, industry resources, technology accumulation, and other advantages, the company can promote the comprehensive development of blockchain technology and applications in Dubai, other parts of the Middle East, and the world.

    In its third year, the Future Blockchain Summit is a grand event where blockchain practitioners from all over the world gather to discuss and promote its development and growth.

    As the gold sponsor of this conference, Hoo Global shows its elements everywhere. In particular, the cartoon image of this company, Tiger Cub, was loved by many attendees, and a lot of people took pictures with it.

     “We welcome project parties, institutions, and investors who are willing to make friends with Hoo to join us and promote the sustainable development of the industry together,” Rexy Wang concluded.

    The Future Blockchain Summit 2021 is held in Dubai October 17-20, 2021, at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). Gulf CryptoInsight, as the event’s media partner, publishes essential updates from the summit.





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