Future Blockchain Summit united regional and international blockchain sector players

    23 Oct 2021

    The Middle East, regional, and international fintech and blockchain providers attended the 4th edition of Future Blockchain Summit and the inaugural Fintech Surge, proving the importance of the events in charting the future for fast-moving digital economies with local, regional, and international sector players.

    GITEX Global x Ai Everything, the world’s largest technology showcase this year at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), brought together sector pioneers and innovators for an immersive four days of talks, workshops, and boundless business opportunities.

    Arturas Svirskis, a serial entrepreneur from Lithuania, is identifying the first Fintech Surge as an important business opportunity. He chose Dubai and its new fintech platform to assist multiple businesses in Lithuania in showcasing their capabilities and also to meet potential business partners to license MENA products in Europe.

    “Fintech Surge has made it clear that this is a very fast-growing market, and I was surprised, in a positive way, at the advanced and open mind of the regulators in the UAE and other countries in the MENA region,” he said. “I’m seriously considering bringing a few businesses to the Middle East – blockchain, payment, and lending, for example – and I now have a few hundred leads, and contacts, and potentially 30 clients I could enable after some excellent networking over four days.”

    Rasan Software House, the UAE-based software company, used the first Fintech Surge to secure a number of important leads across four days of crucial face-to-face networking.

    “We came to Fintech Surge to showcase the brand and build recognition in Dubai and the MENA region,” said operations manager Islam Fakhr. “The event was a great opportunity to do that. We have some substantial leads both from prospective clients for who we can build platforms and also from vendors who offered their products as a solution to improve our efficiencies. We were excited to see our brand recognized by peers in Saudi Arabia and by other international brands.”

    At the event, Dr. Tamer Mitwally, CSO of Digital Finance Exchange, the world’s first fully insured cross-asset trading platform, hailed the Future Blockchain Summit for its networking and business opportunities.

    “We generated some incredible leads, we had interest from a lot of different companies from around the world looking for a tech company in the UAE providing blockchain solutions and that is what we offer,” he said. “We provide technology in relation to blockchain and smart contracts. This technology is being incorporated by a wide number of industries. We are servicing a niche market in that sense.”

    Also, Future Blockchain Summit hosted a Blockchain Business Hackathon with TDeFi, a crypto startup accelerator. The Hackathon, dubbed “BizThon,” was accessible to anyone (students, professionals, or corporate) who wants to develop anything based on blockchain technology. Participants have submitted their ideas on tracks of CeFi & DeFi, social impact and sustainability, gaming, and blockchain.

    “The Bizthon shared the ethos of the Future Blockchain Summit, bringing together the entire business ecosystem to share knowledge on new ideas and developments, network and further promote blockchain as a business solution in our fast-evolving world,” said Gaurav Dubey, TDeFi CEO and Founder. “We look at Bizthon as a custom vehicle that enables visionaries to share ideas and take that vital first step in our transforming business ecosystem.”

    Future Blockchain Summit and Fintech Surge have become a part of GITEX GLOBAL, the world’s most complete, experiential technology event at Dubai World Trade Centre, uniting international innovators in artificial intelligence, 5G, cloud, big data, cybersecurity, blockchain, quantum computing, fintech, and immersive marketing.

    The Future Blockchain Summit 2021 is held in Dubai October 17-20, 2021, at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). Gulf CryptoInsight, as the event’s media partner, publishes essential updates from the summit.

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