Gaming giant Sega has announced its first blockchain game

    04 Oct 2022

    Sega, one of the largest Japanese gaming companies, has announced the upcoming launch of its first blockchain game, based on Sega’s Sangokushi Taisen franchise, in partnership with development company Double Jump Tokyo. The game’s blockchain elements will be built on Oasys, a Japanese scaling project.

    One of the most prominent Japanese gaming companies, Sega, has announced that it will debut in blockchain gaming. The project, which will be developed by another gaming company, Double Jump Tokyo, will be based on the popular arcade game, the Sangokushi Taisen franchise.

    The Sangokushi Taisen franchise is comprised of a series of strategy games allowing players to use virtual cards in the virtual field. The structure of the game lends its elements to include blockchain elements, like the tokenization of some in-game assets and trading, as part of the game mechanics. 

    Further, Double Jump Tokyo announced that the blockchain part of the game will use Oasys, a Japanese gaming project, as its platform. Oasys is a blockchain initiative that aims to be scalable enough to support a big number of concurrent players using its services.

    However, a tentative release date for the game has not been announced yet.

    Oasys has the support of traditional entertainment powerhouses and crypto companies, such as Bandai Namco, Sega, Jump Crypto, and even Square Enix, which became a validator of the chain and is currently exploring the launch of blockchain games using this tech.

    Sega’s stance on NFTs and blockchain gaming has been ambiguous. This January, it registered a trademark for ‘Sega NFT,’ but a week after, CEO Haruki Satomi appeared to have cooled on the idea somewhat, acknowledging the current negativity around the NFT landscape. However, later, Sega hinted in April at the possibility of including NFTs and metaverse elements as part of its “Super Game” development strategy.

    Meanwhile, other AAA gaming companies like Ubisoft have been clearer, launching their own NFT markets and including NFT elements in games from leading franchises. Square Enix has also included blockchain as a key part of its business plan for the future.

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