HTC presents the metaverse phone with crypto and NFT wallet

    29 Jun 2022

    Electronic manufacturer HTC has announced the “Viverse” phone, its first smartphone, designed to navigate the metaverse with incorporated crypto and NFT functionality. The HTC Desire 22 Pro model includes preloaded apps compatible with its own metaverse “Viverse.”

    As per an announcement, the new phone comes preloaded with apps that allow access to and manage your metaverse content, including crypto and NFTs. A Viverse app also lets you buy NFTs in a digital marketplace and “create your own virtual space” from the phone.

    Similar to previous HTC “cryptophones,” the Desire 22 Pro also comes with a built-in crypto wallet for Ethereum and Polygon-based assets.

    The device is optimized to work alongside HTC’s VR headset, wirelessly mirroring the VR content.

    The smartphone “opens new immersive experiences as the perfect partner for VIVE Flow—whether it’s meeting colleagues in VR, or enjoying your own private cinema anywhere you are,” Shen Ye, Global Head of Product at HTC, said in the announcement.

    Presented as a “powerful midrange device,” the HTC Desire 22 Pro isn’t going to be challenging the top tier of iPhones and Android devices.

    HTC was an early adopter of crypto technology. Back in 2018, it produced the Exodus 1 smartphone with a built-in crypto hardware wallet and the ability to run a full Bitcoin node.

    In recent years, HTC has ceded ground to those smartphone rivals focusing instead on its VR headsets Vive.

    With the new model, it’s trying to marry its blockchain phone credentials with its VR product line and stake its claim to the first metaverse smartphone. However, as rival Apple is reportedly prepping an AR/VR headset for release next year, HTC’s window of opportunity is narrowing by the day.


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