Meme coins have an important role to play in crypto

    30 Jun 2024

    Meme coins are often seen as jokes, destined to just fade away. But what if they are crucial to crypto? Traditional finance laughs, but meme coin investors might be pioneering new financial strategies. Success stories abound — $1,000 in Dogecoin (DOGE) turning into $2 million, Shiba Inu transforming tiny investments into life-changing sums. Are these investors fools, or do they see real opportunities?

    In 2024, the meme coin market is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the space.

    The top-performing meme coins have delivered average returns of over 1,300% in 2024. One trader netted an astonishing $1.2 million profit in just a couple of days trading MAGA, PEPE, and other popular memes.

    These investors are not just throwing money at memes — they are leveraging social media and community engagement to drive demand and boost value.

    Meme coins vs. traditional finance

    Meme coins are all about agility and innovation — qualities traditional finance lacks. Decentralized and community-driven, they move quickly, unlike the slow, bureaucratic legacy financial systems. With constant change, what can traditional finance learn?

    Legacy institutions are slow and inflexible, while meme coins thrive on rapid adaptability. If traditional finance doesn’t evolve, it risks obsolescence. Meme coins’ extraordinary success offers crucial lessons for conventional systems.

    The rush for quick profits

    Meme coins attract people with the lure of quick profits. Take Hamster Kombat, which became a hit among gamers and has boosted the TON ecosystem. Its mix of strategy, combat, and cute hamsters draws in even non-crypto enthusiasts.

    Investors see both thrills and risks. Keith Gill, aka “Roaring Kitty,” sparked a frenzy by revealing his massive GameStop investments on Reddit. He turned $116 million into $54 million gains in one session, despite regulatory scrutiny.

    Fear of missing out (FOMO) drives many meme coin investments. This psychological trigger blends market dynamics and investor behavior, making meme coins irresistible.

    Celebrities backing meme coins: genuine support or just faking it

    Celebrity backing can boost meme coin values, but is it genuine or just a cash grab? The DJT token, based on the Solana blockchain, saw a significant surge in value following rumors of its connection to the Trump family. The token’s price jumped by around 180% after initial speculation. And even though the token has started to decline, one whale made $3.7 million in profit after selling their MAGA (TRUMP) tokens.

    As BAYC wanes, celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner and Elon Musk are driving meme coins that apparently trigger volatile market swings.

    Jenner’s JENNER coin, launched on May 26, hit $43 million in market capitalization before declining. Part of its revenue now supports former President Trump’s reelection. Iggy Azalea is also joining the meme coin trend. (Why not, when it’s so hot?)

    Despite these moves, meme coins make up less than 5% of the crypto market, with celebrity-backed tokens holding an even smaller share. Investors should act carefully as celebrity involvement can be more about personal gain than genuine investment.

    Notcoin and Hamster Kombat are more than just hype

    Web3 clicker games are booming this year. Notcoin on Telegram has 40 million players, and its token has risen nearly 250Meme coins have stolen the spotlight this Bitcoin halving cycle, and they’re offering unparalleled opportunities to participants.% since May.

    Hamster Kombat recently surpassed Notcoin, claiming more than 150 million users and 31 million daily active users — which is stunning growth. (Granted, the figures do not account for potential bot activity or duplicate accounts.) On June 3, their tweet showed

    However, there is still an issue as sustaining momentum remains uncertain. Experts argue that without real token use cases, these games might struggle long-term.

    Crypto fans are more optimistic. Hamster Kombat’s success shows the appeal of blockchain games and the potential of the TON platform. It sets a promising precedent for blockchain gaming.

    Meme coins finally matter

    They stress-test blockchain tech, reflect market sentiment, and build vibrant communities beyond just the general crypto crowd. They prove tech reliability and scalability, acting as indicators of broader market trends.

    In the last 90 days, meme coins have shone brightly in the crypto market. Take “Hawk Tuah” on the Solana blockchain — from a quirky Tim & Dee TV street interview to a digital asset phenomenon. They have become a serious market buzz, proving meme coins can transcend their playful (and silly) origins and impact the digital economy.

    The Hawk Tuah coin shows how viral content can drive crypto success by building community and investment. Trading at $0.007825 USD with a $310.8 million market cap, it’s made a mark. Recent data highlights impressive price surges, capturing the dynamic essence of meme-based cryptocurrencies.

    Meme coin financial health

    The framework for evaluating meme coins can be visualized through a simple chart that graphs their social and financial health, categorizing them into five main areas.

    Extreme risk: Tokens that have low liquidity and volume, and are prone to scams.

    Bot arena: The majority of tokens, which struggle for visibility and traction.

    Volatile growth: Tokens that break out of obscurity and face significant price fluctuations.

    Well established: The top coins with steady social and financial support.

    Sleeping giants: Formerly popular but now quieter tokens, often managed by DAOs.

    These categories can help to interpreting the lifecycles of meme coins along with their risks. Despite holthe potential to reshape communities and drive innovation, they face ethical issues such as market manipulation.

    One thing is clear: meme coins are here to stay and will continue renovating the financial landscape. Far from betraying what crypto stands for, they are at the heart of innovation and disruption. Meme coins dare blockchain technologies to be resilient enough to withstand new challenges hey are financial instruments shaped by culture, community and social media. They have also offered an opportunity to ordinary people who have not traditionally had much access to markets to win extraordinary money, even if it comes with obvious risks.

    Meme coins are going to continue disrupting traditional finance. They are a reflection of how innovation can change everything, and an example of how curious financial experiments can echo other forms of art.


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