MetaMask partners with MoonPay for the wider crypto adoption

    28 Apr 2022

    MetaMask partners with MoonPay to make crypto purchases easier. Users now can buy cryptocurrency directly from their MetaMask wallet using all major payment methods.

    In addition to existing partners Transak and Wyre, MoonPay has been selected to be one of the partners to help spread MetaMask on-ramps to a wider audience.

    MoonPay, an easy-to-use method of purchasing cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, using fiat currency, announced an integration with MetaMask on Tuesday that ushers in a promising new future for the world of DeFi and MetaMask user access. The new opportunity will let MetaMask users purchase Ethereum and other tokens on the ERC-20 network using their preferred payment method – whether that be Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit cards, as well as bank transfers in more than 160 countries.

    One of the primary problems with platforms like MetaMask is that they’re difficult for new cryptocurrency investors and blockchain users to understand. With a complicated buying process and several steps required to transfer cryptocurrency from an exchange to a wallet, many users are dissuaded from getting into cryptocurrency in the first place. The ease of access to cryptocurrency platforms such as MetaMask will be historic in the move for mass adoption and will allow other companies and services to easily allow cryptocurrency payments as consumers will be able to purchase cryptocurrency effortlessly.

    The new update of MetaMask will let users easily purchase cryptocurrencies using MoonPay, and users are already able to access the feature as of its announcement this week. Other apps and exchanges let users purchase cryptocurrencies easily with MoonPay, but the MetaMask integration is the first of its kind that will allow users to purchase cryptocurrency with their wallet, without having to then transfer it to a wallet or additional exchange to use it.

    In February, MoonPay announced the launch of NFT Checkout, a plug-and-play solution allowing any brand, creator, or marketplace to give their users a simpler, faster way to buy and sell NFTs with a credit card. In addition, NFT Checkout’s card approval rates are multiples higher than standard crypto on-ramps, leading up to 3x more sales.

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