Mineplex lauds its 1st anniversary in Dubai

    04 Oct 2021

    This week, Mineplex has celebrated its maiden year at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in Dubai. The unprecedented CrossFi Mineplex successfully launched and operating the blockchain by indicating stability in its PLEX token during the hard days of the crypto market. More than 150 guests lauded its stable performance around the year.

    Mineplex unveiled Mineplex 2.0 at the event among experts and leaders of the crypto & banking industry. The experts discussed creating a new projects paradigm and the need for educational products of the market. The ongoing project will ensure firm belief in the crypto industry, leading to the popularity of cryptocurrency and putting forth a silver bullet solutions to the recurrent issues of the digital banking industry. A fruitful discussion on how Blockchain brings revolutionary changes into the banking sector and Mineplex’s entry into new markets was fruit-bearing.

    The honourable guests observed the launch of the Mineplex 2.0 corporate style and the presentation of the Mineplex crypto card. New revolutionary products were unveiled, also was signed the cooperation agreement of Mineplex with Dzing Finance Ltd.

    This partnership will allow to create of a powerful payment product under the brand of MinePlex, which will provide an opportunity to have both physical and virtual accounts in as many as 37 currencies within the digital payment wallet. Additionally, it will become possible to perform any payment operations in PLEX tokens, bypassing intermediaries. Besides, the countdown to the start of the unique MinePlex mobile application with access to all wallets and products in one click was envisaged.

    Since its inception, Mineplex has been increasing the number of users by 25% every month, which testifies to the efficient services provided by the CrossFi Mineplex. With a team of over 60 specialist members, Mineplex confirms its member’s presence in more than 10 countries, including Uruguay, Russia, Singapore, Dubai, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, while the project is set to be presented in more than 72 countries worldwide.

    Mineplex tokens are soaring and listed on six leading crypto exchanges, such as Azbit, Bibox, BitMart, Ataix, STEX and BitZexchange. According to International Business Times, Mineplex was seen at the APEX, ranking among the Top3 of the leading blockchain projects, at the end of the year. Also, it received high marks from users and experts of renowned rating platforms like Foundico.

    “We are entering a new era of development not only of the project but also of the market as a whole,” said Aleksandr Mamasidikov, the сo-founder of MinePlex Banking. “The banking system in its current form cannot cover the needs of consumers. We have developed CrossFi technology and a number of financial instruments in order to change the industry and make blockchain and cryptocurrency a part of every client’s daily reality.”

    Furthermore, CoinGecko initiates the capitalization of Mineplex, making it a more influential digital financial service. The market cap of the PLEX token first earned 351st place in the rating and achieved the top 200th position in just a few days, exceeding $172 million. Currently, it has crossed $345 million, showing a huge leap in just a month.

    Mineplex, established in September 2020, is a digital banking company that intends to combine the stability and liquidity of traditional financial instruments with the security and transparency of blockchain technology. The company works out its own blockchain and CrossFi Technology to serve dual financial services: traditional banking and the adeptness of blockchain technology. Mineplex is one of the leading companies that drew the attention of the largest crypto platforms to the uniqueness and prospects of CrossFi technology.

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