NFT marketplace OasisX is preparing to launch in the UAE

    02 Aug 2022

    OasisX, a multichain curated NFT marketplace and creator studio, has set up its base in Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) in the UAE and will be launched in the next few weeks. OasisX has already onboarded about 100 artists and multiple local brands in the MENA region.

    “We are building the tech foundation and frontier to bridge the gap between MENA creators and Web3, while providing collectors with a new way to support, own, and trade in the upside of creativity,” said OasisX co-founder Najib Khanafer in a recent interview.

    OasisX, users will be exposed to a wide range of categories, including 1/1 art, editions, PFPs, domain names, metaverse objects, music, and many more. The marketplace will also support the creation of NFTs using different multimedia types such as images, gifs, videos, audio, AR/VR, 3D objects, and even documents.

    “We are still just scratching the surface of NFT applications,” Khanafer added. “OasisX aims to support future use cases beyond digital art and collectibles, the obvious being other forms of creative output like utility NFTs and financial contracts (real-world assets).”

    Also, OasisX Creator Studio, dubbed “LaunchX,” will securely and low-cost enable its users to create, manage and mint NFTs at scale without a single line of code.

    “We created a product that gives creators and brands the opportunity to engage with a tech trend,” Khanafer also explained. “LaunchX is powered by an AI art generator, a smart contract creator, and minting page editor, preserving true creative ownership.”

    Due to this, the platform reduces NFT deployment time from months to minutes. In addition, aiming to serve the MENA region, OasisX supports Arabic language.

    Moreover, the OasisX marketplace allows users to list and shop NFTs on multiple chains, such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana, offering simple onboarding, non-crypto checkout options, and many other user-friendly tools such as bulk creation.

    As for now, OasisX is undergoing a seed round for $3 million, which it will use to scale the team, product, and brand.

    This May, the region’s largest crypto-asset exchange BitOasis signed a strategic partnership with MBC Group to drive customer awareness and adoption using MBC Group’s TV channels and digital platforms across the MENA region.

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