ParisDot.comm: Arab World Institute to host Polkadot’s conference on July 19-21

    19 Jul 2022

    Following AmsterDot in April and Polkadot Decoded in June, another conference and workshop event focused on the Polkadot community and ecosystem has been announced in Paris. It will be held at the Arab World Institute on July 19-21.

    ParisDot.comm is a two-and-a-half-day long event that is taking place in the beautiful Arab World Institute on July 19-21, 2022. This venue has strong ties to technological and mathematical communities worldwide and seems to be the perfect fit to host an event there. Only five minutes from the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) venue, attendees can adequately split their time between the two highly sought-after events.

    Finally, the Polkadot and Kusama (Dotsama) ecosystems meet in person after two years of silence. The event will gather the Dotsama ecosystem and communities during EthCC 2022 to further learn about the progress and create new cooperation efforts between parachains and the blockchain world.

    Parity, Astar, HydraDX, Moonbeam, Logion Network, Unique, Phala, Manta, Zeitgeist, DOT Validators Alliance, Ternoa, Authrail, KR1, and Momentum become sponsors of the event, bringing on stage many prominent personalities.

    Supported by Blockchain HEC and Narrative, the event aims to find common points of interest, with a focus on openness toward the entire blockchain world, further education about the projects of the ecosystem, and begin building a stronger, more connected community. EthCC is a great opportunity to talk about interoperability and to build bridges inside and outside Polkadot and Kusama. Beyond the technology, these bridges can also be built across communities.

    By offering an inclusive space, the event will allow everyone to meet, greet, talk, exchange thoughts and kick off promising collaborations. It is set up in a way to accommodate it, with three adjacent areas hosting two parallel programs: a conference and a workshop.

    Previously, one of the largest conferences in crypto, Polkadot Decoded, took place on June 29. In-person events was organized in four major global blockchain hubs: Berlin, New York, Buenos Aires, and Hangzhou. Side events also took place in Seoul, Valencia, Mexico City, and so on.

    Polkadot founder Dr. Gavin Wood spoke to participants in both New York and Buenos Aires. Events on the New York scene was dedicated to Polkadot’s first parachain, Moonbeam. The teams of Manta Network, Parallel Finance, Acala, and Equilibrium, together with Parity’s Shawn Tabrizi, have demonstrated the disruptive power of Polkadot’s XCM protocol. Overall, Berlin’s events was focused on real-world adoption of Polkadot and Kusama instruments; the Centrifuge, SubQuery, Astar, and Robonomics teams have been discussing the subject.

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