Prominent NFT projects DeGods and y00ts migrate from Solana to Ethereum and Polygon

    27 Dec 2022

    DeGods and y00ts, two of the most significant NFT projects on Solana, announced a migration to other blockchains. DeGods plans to migrate to Ethereum, while y00ts will be bridged to Polygon.

    DeGods and y00ts, two of the leading NFT collections on Solana, have announced plans to migrate to Ethereum and Polygon next year, the teams said on Twitter. 

    Created in October 2021 by Rohun Vora, an NFT creator also known as “Frank DeGods,” they are the two most significant NFT collections on the Solana blockchain in terms of floor price.

    The DeGods will migrate to Ethereum, aiming to compete with NFT blue-chip collections, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and others. Its floor price is 460.00 SOL ($5,221), which tops the entire NFT market on Solana. Meantime, y00ts, with a floor price of 140 SOL ($1600), is planned to move over to Polygon, a sidechain of Ethereum that allows for faster and cheaper transactions.

    Vora said on Twitter that Ethereum and Polygon would individually serve as the new homes for the collections, helping them to tap into a broader NFT user base. The migration would happen with the help of a cross-chain bridge, he added.

    Meanwhile, the team hasn’t yet provided the technical details about the migration and how the so-called bridge will work. 

    “The details of the bridge will be released when it’s ready and tested. This has never been done before at this scale. We want to make sure that it’s airtight,” noted the DeGods team.

    Earlier in September, Starbucks announced its plans to offer its customers NFT rewards through Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network. 

    The Starbucks Odyssey program will give away NFT stamps to customers and employees and sell limited edition NFTs. The coffee giant plans to give out and sell digital stamps that can unlock perks like exclusive merch, private events, and trips.

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