The new crypto course helps students in the UAE understand the digital economy

    19 Aug 2021

    Launched in the UAE, the 6-part online course in crypto aims to help young students understand the power of the crypto market, Khaleej Times reported. The program covers subjects from the history of money to how to create one’s own non-fungible token.

    Carfax Education, a UAE-based global education group, has created an innovative course for students of 14 to 18 years, aiding them to learn features of the future digital economy, such as Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

    With the help of experts around the world, the six-stage online course explains the theory behind crypto innovations and their importance in the near future, introducing a full range of crypto-related subjects, from the history of money to the creating of a non-fungible token (NFT).

    “As educators, we cannot ignore this industry, which has the potential to create millions of jobs over the next few years, and we’re delighted to be working with such an amazing group of experts on this new course,” said Tudor Oros, a Managing Director of Carfax Education Group.

    By Oros’s words, pupils will undertake a journey to understand the monetary system’s principles and what makes cryptocurrencies different. They will take a deeper look into the various use cases of crypto technology, such as blockchain and NFT, and will receive the experience of making their own NFT and listing it on a crypto exchange.

    “Carfax Education’s ethos is about combining the very best of tradition and innovation in education. We want to engage young people with learning and foster a spirit of creativity and confidence that takes them beyond their basic syllabus, and this course is a true reflection of this,” he added. “The UAE is one of the most innovative countries in the world and that extends into education. At Carfax, we see our role as preparing the leaders of the future and want our students to be aware of recent developments across all industries to set them up for success in their careers after obtaining graduation degree.”

    One of the guest experts for the course, Matthias Mende, Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dubai Blockchain Centre, said: “I enjoyed my session talking to the students about my personal story of being a blockchain entrepreneur and my current project Bonuz Market.”

    The course comprises six three-hour sessions each and is available through Carfax’s new virtual learning platform, Carfax Online.

    “I enjoy Carfax’s vision of making education more fun for the students while they have a chance to engage with people like me who might inspire them by talking about real scenarios. It simply feels more authentic and motivates students to learn with a higher dedication as it opens up new horizons for their dreams,” Mende added.

    A group of students from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Dubai, have created a brand-new media platform, GulfCrypt, to deliver relevant information and practical education on crypto markets for investors from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Using this innovative platform, students have developed a function to uploads real-time data on cryptocurrency pricing to help traders manage transactions instantly. Professor of Computing at RIT (Dubai), Dr. Khalil Al Hussaeni, said, “Our students have demonstrated the impact that technology now has on the business world, and it has been inspiring to see them harness their individual skills to create something with real value.”


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