TIME and The Sandbox to build ‘TIME Square’ in the metaverse

    23 Jun 2022

    TIMEPieces, an NFT community initiative under US media company TIME, and The Sandbox announced on Tuesday a new partnership to develop TIME Square, the firm’s first-ever destination on TIME Land, in The Sandbox metaverse.

    According to an announcement on Medium, TIME Square will be built on the media outlet’s virtual land in The Sandbox as a destination for convening, art, and commerce, inspired by the visual spirit and energy of the iconic urban locale in New York City. TIME Square will be an inclusive environment providing unique experiences to TIMEPieces holders.

    The destination will serve the TIMEPieces community by providing virtual access to discussions, events, screenings of TIME Studios projects, and educational experiences.

    Keith A. Grossman, TIME President, revealed the partnership during The Sandbox’s event at NFT.NYCnyc, while also issuing an open call for architects to design TIME Square, reimagining the world-renowned cultural center for the metaverse. TIMEPieces is turning to the vibrant community of metaverse enthusiasts worldwide to identify an architect to reenvision the destination as a voxel creation.

    “Our goal is to create a destination that will be the heart of the metaverse,” Grossman said. “Since launching TIMEPieces in September 2021, we have focused on developing a community in Web3 that benefited from the incredible 100-year legacy and access TIME has established.”

    All the benefits mentioned above would serve as additional points on top of the 100-year legacy of the brand.

    Sebastien Borget, the Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of The Sandbox, said that the partnership brings a chance for The Sandbox to prove that a heartbeat of the metaverse can be constructed.

    The Sandbox has become a virtual Manhattan where people experience the culture, entertainment, and brands coming to life in a vibrant place. Plus, it is the best place for people to socialize, dance, play, and learn new things. TIME partnering with The Sandbox allows the latter to develop the soul of this virtual Manhattan.

    The community will be kept in the loop by ensuring that the best members are always in the working network to help construct the virtual space for TIME. Teams have, therefore, issued an open call for their community members to apply for this opportunity, making the project team work with everyone involved with their best efforts.

    Earlier in May, Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) announced plans to establish its metaverse headquarters in The Sandbox. Thus, VARA became the world’s first regulator to enter the metaverse, showcasing the government’s attempts to turn Dubai into a hub for the digital economy.

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