UAE businessman sets to launch an Islamic crypto ecosystem Sustain.Exchange

    04 Aug 2022

    Sulaiman Abdul-Karim Mohammed Al-Fahim, a well-known Emirati TV personality and a successful real estate businessman in the UAE, is set to launch Sustain.Exchange – a Shariah-compliant Islamic crypto ecosystem.

    As UAE ranks among nations that rapidly adopt digital technologies and invest their time and money, it has become possible due to some visionary people like Sulaiman Al-Fahim. According to a recent release, he is now on the verge of claiming Muslims’ stake in the crypto world with Sustain.Exchange – an Islamic crypto ecosystem.

    Sulaiman Abdul-Karim Mohammed Al-Fahim is a well-known Emirati TV personality and a successful real estate businessman in the UAE. Born in Dubai in 1977, he earned his MBA in Finance and Real Estate from the Kogod School of Business at American University in Northwest Washington, D.C. Now, Al-Fahim is the head of a renowned real estate company “Hydra Properties.”

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    In an effort to bring the best to his people, Al-Fahim decided to step into the crypto world with a broad and futuristic vision that states, “Representing Muslim’s Contribution in the Crypto World and Enabling Them to Rank Among Industry Leaders.” With this vision, he wants to encourage people from across the world to contribute their share and play their part in successfully creating Muslims’ identity in the global crypto economy.

    To accomplish his vision, Al-Fahim joined hands with some of the prominent minds within the blockchain and Web3 world, aiming to launch the Shariah-compliant Sustain.Exchange.

    Looking at Muslim’s growing interest in the crypto world, Al-Fahim identified it as one of those potential opportunities that can dramatically change people’s perception of modern technologies due to the launch of Sustain.Exchange that will represent Muslim’s stake, contribution, and identity in the global crypto market.

    As per Al-Fahim, Sustain.Exchange’s goal is to create the essential ecosystem for Muslims to participate, invest in the crypto market, and promote the contribution of Muslims in crypto-trading and crypto-investments on a global scale.

    Al-Fahim believes that the evolution of sustainable competitive advantages within the Muslim world is always backed by Islamic values and perceptions. Keeping this in mind, his team has developed unique corporate and functional strategies that guide the company’s overall operations.

    On his way, Al-Fahim has already invested a considerable amount of money in his futuristic idea, and as a result, his team is ready to list the SUST token on major crypto exchanges and launch the Sustain.Exchange.

    According to Al-Fahim’s view, Sustain.Exchange is set to benefit the Muslim world, helping more than 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide securely access and trade digital currencies and increasing their impact on the world.

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