UAE launches the world’s most expensive NFT postage stamps for Golden Jubilee

    06 Jul 2022

    The UAE has launched the world’s most expensive modern postage stamp to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the country’s Foundation Day. The launch of the NFT postage stamps made the UAE the only in the MENA region to do so.

    Emirates Post Group (EPG), a government post office launched the first edition of the modern postage stamp with four editions. Each physical stamp in the collection comes with a digital version.

    The most expensive edition is the “Golden Jubilee 2021,” which has a total of 2021 pieces and costs 2021 AED ($550). Each stamp contains one gram of gold.

    The second stamp is called the “Spirit of the Union — 1971,” which symbolizes the establishment of the UAE by the founding fathers. Guess what, the third stamp is “Year of the 50th — 2021” while the fourth is the “Projects of the 50th 2071,” representing the futuristic vision of the UAE.

    The other three collections are relatively cheaper and cost about 250 AED ($68) for each NFT postage stamp.

    “It’s definitely a part of the broader strategy and blockchain will be the key to many projects at Emirates Post group,” said Abdullah Al Ashram, the CEO of the EPG, in an interview with Cointelegraph.

    He explained that the decision was made to celebrate the anniversary of the Founding Day and anyone from around the world can buy it.

    The launch of the NFT postage stamps made the EPG the only in the MENA region to do so.

    Blockchain has become a key part of UAE’s business strategy over the past year. Making blockchain technology a key focus for its future strategies, the UAE is currently building a decentralized ecosystem to make it a global blockchain hub.


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