Warner Music Group hires Web3 and metaverse experts

    09 Oct 2022

    US music conglomerate Warner Music Group is looking to hire at least two people who can develop and manage Web3-related projects. Through this new role, the US music conglomerate wants to build out its partnerships with metaverse and Web3 gaming projects. The job posting comes a week after Warner Music Group partnered with OpenSea to facilitate music NFTs.

    According to the job posting on LinkedIn, the first job focuses on creating marketing plans for metaverse brands and platforms, as well as finding new opportunities within the metaverse, Web3 gaming, AR, and VR fields. Further, Warner Music Group wants a candidate with a strong knowledge of gaming and blockchain. 

    The second job implies creating a business partnership strategy with Web3, metaverse, and gaming fields, focusing on building connections with brands, firms, platforms, and individuals across these spaces.

    Warner Music Group is a conglomerate of multiple music labels, such as Atlantic, East-West, and Warner Records, and maintains over 1 million copyrights, the firm’s job posting said.

    Lately, Warner Music Group appears to be eyeing metaverse, Web3 gaming, and NFT opportunities. The job posting comes nearly a week after the record label partnered with OpenSea for music NFT drops, through which Warner Music Group aims to bolster music fan engagement through this partnership. 

    The collaboration will grant Warner Music artists early access to new OpenSea products, improved discoverability on the NFT marketplace, and dedicated and featured portions of the OpenSea site for upcoming NFT projects. Artists will also receive specialized support from OpenSea team members to aid both in the expansion of their Web3 fan bases and the onboarding of existing fan communities into the NFT space.

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